Judgment (Judge Eyes) Chapter 11: Curtain Call Walkthrough

Judgment (or Judge Eyes) is another game by Ryu Ga Gotoku that is a derivative of the Yakuza series.

This time, you play as Yagami, a private detective who investigates highly dangerous cases.

Here is a tutorial from Chapter 11 – Curtain Call in Judgment (Judge Eyes).

Interrogate Hamura

After capturing Hamura in the previous Chapter, you need to interrogate him. Simply choose all the options and let me explain it.

 guide of chapter 11 of sentence

Once the first round is over, continue to interrogate him.

 chapter of sentence 11 mission

As for the evidence, choose the one found in the security recording outside the Amour Club.

 trial chapter 11 mission guide

  tutorial chapter 11, tutorial

After asking, the Matsugane family seems Rescue Hamura and set fire to the place.

Protect Matsugane

In this part, you must protect Matsugane and ensure that your health does not run out.

 trial chapter 11 step guide

the best way is to defeat all the yakuzas before they harm Matsugane-san.

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After defeating the yakuzas, a new path will open. Continue leaving the building and pulling out more yakuzas.

 Chapter 11 wiki trial and guide

As the whole place is on fire, you may want to avoid capture in fire that reduces your HP fast.

 trial chapter 11 tips

Defeat Ozaki

Once again, you will meet Ozaki, the great friend. Take it out again.

 judge eyes chapter 11

After defeating him, more Matsugane men will come.


The mole appears from behind, pointing to Hamura to silence him.

Shoot, but Matsugane-san protected Hamura. Matsugane died in his place.

 judge eyes, chapter 11, guidance tips

The Matsugane family tries to attack the mole, but most of them die in their place.

 the judge observes the search of chapter 11

  the judge observes the mission of chapter 11

Before After Hamura leaves, he tells Yagami that Kuroiwa (police officer) is actually the Mole.

This is followed by a scene that shows Kuroiwa interrogating Yagami about the fire in the building.

 judge of the eyes of chapter 11

Return to the agency

After the scenes, returns to the agency.

 judge eyes chapter 11 wiki

Defeat Koga

Just outside the agency, you will be ambushed by Koga, the last leader of the Keihin.

He uses ag Un during the fight, so you may want to avoid being shot.

 judge eyes tips chapter 11

Talk to Sugiura [19659008] After defeating Koga and his Men, return to the agency. Talk to Sugiura, who is waiting for you.

 trial (judge judge) chapter 11, curtain called

accident on the sofa

next rest in the agency.

 trial (eyes of the judge) guide to the curtain call of chapter 11

Go to the office of Matsugane [19659007] the next day, you will receive a call from Mafuyu saying that one of the Kyorei types was killed.

Go to the Matsugane office for more information.

 trial (judge's eyes)

Then you will learn that Shioya was killed with his eyes ripped out. Chapter 11 of Judgment ends here.

 trial (eyes of judge) chapter 11 curtain called wiki

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