Judgment (Judge Eyes) Chapter 10: Chumming The Water Walkthrough

Judgment (or Judge Eyes) is another game by Ryu Ga Gotoku that is a derivative of the Yakuza series.

This time, you play as Yagami, a private detective who investigates highly dangerous cases.

Here is a tutorial from Chapter 10 (Chumming The Water) from Judgment / Judge Eyes.

Infiltration in the Matsugane office

After the initial Scene, you have to investigate the office using a drone.

Just fly to the Matsugane building.

 Trial Chapter 10 Guide

You should see this guy through the window. Examine and go.

 trial, chapter 10, guidance tips

Higashi Tail

Then you will see Higashi walking away with a pair of yakuzas.

Follow it without being seen.

 trial, chapter 10, search

One by one, your yakuza will go and you will have less of them behind. [19659002]   Chapter 10 Judgment Search Guide

The key is to maximize your special abilities, such as extending the bar at the top of the screen,

From that way, you can even run past Higashi and they will hide, and they will not even see you while the bar is not full.

 trial, chapter 10, search, tour

At one point, he even ran next to them and hid on the top floor.

 trial chapter 10 quest wiki

Higashi will then go to smoke. After the scene, continue to follow him.

 trial - chumming the water tips guide

  trial chapter 10 search tips

  mission of the chapter 10 of the trial

You do not need a real place to hide (for example, those with blue markers). You can stay behind a wall and he will not notice you.

Chase Higashi

Then, he will notice you and Kaito. Higashi walks away quickly.

Chase him.

 mission guide to Chapter 10 trial

This part is the usual chase game where you have to press certain buttons when the warning appears.

Then he tells you he does not know where Hamura is.

Attract the Matsugane family

Then you need to find a way to attract Matsugane.

Now, just walk down the street and drink some alcohol. Keep walking.

 trial chapter 10, mission tour

Head to Tender

Kaito will ask you to go to Tender to get drunk and look vulnerable.

 trial chapter 10 mission wiki

When you're there, you'll meet the professional player. Then play a game with you.

You must observe the man and decide how many drinks he will take before going to the bathroom.

 trial, chapter 10, counsel for the mission

Examine the drink.

 trial chapter 10 tutorial

I chose the answer as two more drinks, and it was correct.

 trial chapter 10 tour guide

Go to Alvin

Kaito proposes to attack the Matsugane joints. First, go to Alvin's bar.

 chapter 10 trial tutorial tips

Defeat the Matsugane family

Defeat the yakuzas at the bar.

 Chapter 10 help from trial

Press three Matsugane clubs

Next, you must hit three of Matsugane's family clubs.

All its places are shown on the map.

 chapter 10 wiki trial

In the first union I went to (Pink Romance), I had to defeat the yakuzas.

 chapter of trial 10 wiki and guide

As for the following two clubs, you only need to tell the staff to inform Hamura that Yagami stopped.

 trial chapter 10 wiki tips [19659089] advice from chapter 10 of the trial

  advice from chapter 10 of the trial

  trial chapter 10 tips and guidance

Attract Matsugane

After hitting the 3 clubs, simply walk around first.

 judge eyes chapter 10

Go to the Champion District

Kaito suggests that you go to a discreet and quiet place. Go to the Champion district where most of the bars are.

 Chapter 10 Guide to Judge's Eyes

Just walk through the small alleys and you will be ambushed.

Defeat the Matsugane family

As usual, defeat the Matsugane family.

 judge the guiding eyes and advice of chapter 10

capture one of the yakuzas

Chase one of the yakuza Matsugane yuguzas.

 judge eyes chapter 10 wiki guide

After capturing the boy, Hamura appears behind Kaito at gunpoint. 19659002] Many men also came, including Matsugane-san himself.

 search for the eyes of the judge 10

Kaito Rescue

After the scene, you need to rescue Kaito from the Soleil building.

 judge eyes search guide chapter 10

Just outside the entrance, you will meet many thugs … Defeat them all.

 judge eyes mission chapter 10

After entering the building, you will meet the Cane man, the same guy who attacked you outside of your agency 19659002]  judge eyes chapter 10 mission guide

Continue up the stairs and defeat all the yakuzas on the way up.

 judge eyes chapter 10 mission tutorial [19659133] the judge observes the tour of the mission of chapter 10

Then you will arrive at a room that is dark. Turn on the lights with the switch.

 judge the eyes of chapter 10

Go ahead and defeat the yakuzas.

 play the chapter 10 guide

You will meet with Cane Man a couple of times in the building.

Every time you defeat him, he will flee and take a different weapon. Use a spear this second time.

The next one will be a weapon instead. There will be four fights with him in total.

 judge eyes chapter 10 tips tips

Again, another dark room and you need to turn on the light to see the enemy.

 judge eyes chapter 10 wiki

Proceed through the gap in the boxes.

 judge eyes chapter 10 wiki and guide

Continue until you see more thugs.

 judge eyes chapter 10 wiki tips

There are a couple of doors in this building which requires selection of locks.

 judge eyes tips chapter 10

defeat the cane man again

for the last time, you have to defeat the man stick. This time, he is waiting in a dark room.

 judge the advice and guidance of chapter 10

You need to turn on the light to allow Yagami to work.


Continue the fight until you win.

 trial - chumming the water

Go through the door

After the fight, go to the wooden door.

 trial: chumming the water guide

A scene will be charged with Hamura waiting inside the room, holding Kaito captive.

 trial - chumming the water through-through

Defeat Hamura

Finally, you need to defeat Hamura.

]  trial - chumming the water mission

After defeating him, there will be scenes where Yagami takes Hamura to the K building of the Yorei clan.

 trial - chumming the tips of water

Chapter 10 of Judge Eyes ends here.

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