JRPG Fairy Tail Gets First Gameplay Trailer


Appropriate console and PC games based on the Fairy Tail series are underway, and developer Gust has finally provided a first look at the gameplay features.

The new trailer you see below shows the game's protagonist and battle system and other key skills.

Fairy Tail is developed by Team Gust behind the Atelier series. The game doesn't fully follow anime and manga stories, but features some arcs and is the basis for some gameplay mechanisms.

Leveraging the story associated with guild reconstruction, Fairy Tail allows players to perform missions, earn money, and improve the facilities available in the guild. As the guild grows, characters will join the protagonist Natsu, and deepening bonds will allow players to learn more about them.

The symbolic locations of many anime and manga, such as Magnolia Village, are reproduced in the game. There are a lot of new places to get treasures and materials that can be used to improve your guild.

Fairy Tail also has a turn-based combat system where MP management and combination attack execution are critical.

Fairy Tail will be released next year on Nintendo switches and PCs and PlayStation 4.