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Infinity Ops: Sci-Fi FPS is one of the premier first-person shooter games for mobile devices by Azur Interactive Games, founder of World War II heroes. Check the Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS Guide and Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS. [guns & gadgets] Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS is an online first-person shooter for mobile. The goal is to shoot down your opponent as soon as possible. Various game modes, characters, weapons and other features. This article covered everything about the game. Infinity Ops Sci-Fi Guide Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS Tips, tricks, and strategies The best weapons, gadgets and more. Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS – Getting Started – Basic

 Destiny Warfare Initially we start the Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS Guide.

About the  Infinity Ops: Sci-Fi FPS Tips basics of games; Infinity Ops Sci-Fi How to use FPS, exercise, shooting, aiming, grenade throwing, etc. At the end of the tutorial, you can manually process everything you want.

Basic – Infinity Ops Science FPS Guide -> In this game, you are a shooter and your only purpose is to shoot. Shoot your opponent as soon as possible. Because it is an online multiplayer game, fighting against other players around the world will not be easy. The player has to do a lot of work. Weapons, characters, gadgets, and more.

In Control Guide -> Infinity Ops, Sci-Fi FPS games are turned on by default with the Auto Shoot and Goal Support setting. So you do not have to worry about shooting the target. However, you can change this configuration in Settings. Go to the main lobby -> Tap the menu in the upper left corner to go to settings -> Here you can set the controls as you like.

What do you do in combat when your character is shot automatically? Aim assist is on, but you still have complete control over the goal. Another mission is to explore the character. Be quiet and watch the mini-map.

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There is a mini map in the top left corner. Maps for tracking enemies. On the right are gadgets and jump / jet options. On the right side of the screen, hold your thumbs and swipe up / left / right / down to change the camera view.

Just below the mini-map are two bars that indicate status and armor status. Health limits and defense are limited.

Infinity Ops Science FPS Guide – The Basic – Completed. To learn everything, start: Infinity Ops Science FPS Guide – Completed

Infinity Ops Features of Sci-Fi FPS Game

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch
  • 19659015] Hardcore
  • Duel
  • Battle of Snipers
  • ] Custom Game

At the start of the game, most game modes are locked and only Team Deathmatch mode is accessible. To unlock this mode, you need to level up your profile.

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 Infinity Ops How to level up science fps games

You need XP to level up your player profile. How to get XP? Run unlocked game mode to acquire XP. At the end of the battle, you may require XP.

How to Level Up Quickly

As you know, XP is required to increase the profile.

  • Killing more players [Team matches]
  • Surviving
  • Reducing the number of deaths
  • Reducing the number of deaths
  • Double Kill
  • Triple Kill
  • 19659015] Explosion Kills


In short, if you want to increase the amount of XP rewards, improve your performance in combat. Do not forget to read the Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS Tips and Tricks mentioned below.

⇒ Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS -> Characters Guide

Each [19659000] Army

  • Movement
  • Jet Pack Recharge
  • Armor Durability
  • Other Technologies


] The following is a list of character list [on the basis of elements]

  • Recruit – Special skill -> Headshot damage + 75%, 50% damage when using machine guns + 1959015] Tank Regenerate points and armor points by 20% and 5 armor points per second.
      Killer – Special skills -> Sniper rifle – Special skill -> +2 medikits, Battle clip + 2, Face shot damage + 50%
  • 50% damage, invisible radar, and + 120% damage when using frost protection.
  • Skill – Special skill – 50% headshot damage from +50 armor, assault rifle, +2 clips in battle, 4 armor points per second recurring points

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At the beginning of the game, you are recruiting shooters. Except that All characters get + 10% XP and + 10% credit . Infinity Ops Sci-Fi How to unlock a character in a FPS game

This character needs to be unlocked to unlock it. Infinity Ops How to get gold medals in science fiction games

  • Quests completed

⇒ Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS [장비] Best Weapons & Gadgets

Destiny Warfare game There are many weapons and gadgets that can kill other players instantly.

M4K – Best features + 25% Reload speed

  • Scorpion – Look at the finest weapons.


The best weapon / gun in infinity operation (19659015)

  • Assault rifle / AKR – Best feature – + 10% armor
  • MG-29 – Best features – 3 AP per second
  • KGS – 1 per second HP 19
  • M3 – +25 health [add. feature]
  • RSS – 15% increase
  • GL-1 – Protection 1 Views [19659015] Pistol – Liberty of the Legend


The above mentioned gun You can earn bonuses for combat. Top New Android Games 2018

Use of Drones

You can get more benefits by equipping your drones with +10% XP and + 10% battle; Health, armor, weapon damage, accuracy and more.

  • Apache
  • Apache
  • Bastion
  • Salve


Gadget -> Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS

The gadget

  • Frag-Grenade -> Explosion Resistance, HP Recovery [Skills]
  • Med Simulator -> Restores HP


  • Finding the Loot Box
  • Finding the Loot Box
  • Using technology
  • Using gadgets
  • The key to surviving
  • Upgrade your character and equipment
  • Free breasts, battlefields, legendary breasts will open. [Free ones]

1) Go For Headshot

The head shot deals more damage compared to other shots. Improve your shooting skills by aiming your head and always play your character because your personality shoots automatically and your goal is in your hands.

2) Look for the loot box.

 Destiny Wars Find this loot box in the room or outside. This box contains health and armor. When a character is injured, find this item box and cure the character. If HP and AP are full, we can not collect it.

3) Using Technology – Infinity Ops Science FPS Tips

As mentioned above, each character has his or her own special skills. For example, Killer has 50% more damage to sniper rifles and equips sniper rifles. Recruit’s skill recreates HP and AP after a certain amount of time, so if you are injured, go to a safe place and wait for HP and AP to recover. In other words, you need to know your character’s skills and go to the character’s information panel to see the skill.

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.) Using the Gadget – Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS Tips Trick

You can use the Medi-Simulator to restore grenades and do more damage. You have a limited amount of these items, but you can get more when exchanging credits.

5) The key to survival

There are many strategies that can be implemented to survive.

  • Watch a mini map and keep it far away from the enemy
  • If you are using Team Deathmatch mode, be a team member / stay close to yourself [19659020] Also – for Android Upgrade to survival game

) – Infinity Ops Sci-Fi FPS Tips

Upgrade your equipped characters and weapons to boost overall power and improve your battle performance. . You need upgrade points to upgrade your weapons and characters, and you can earn rewards by completing quests daily in level up.

7. Open Chest – Destiny War / Infinity Ops Science FPS tips cheats [19659013] Infinity Ops Sci-Fi One of the best ways to get legendary weapons and devices in FPS games is to keep your chest open. You can open your free chest to see the video ad, you have to wait a few hours to open your combat chest, plain chest and legendary chest. Go to the chest section on the left side of the screen -> Press your chest to open it.

After killing the player, go close and check your weapon. If it is better than you, choose it, otherwise ignore it.

So these are useful tips for beginners.  Install Games Not Available In Your Country

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