Idle Knights Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful and Pass More Stages

Today’s article will tell you everything you need to know about the game so that we can share all the idle knight cheats and tricks we’ve gathered, pass more levels and become more powerful!

Since you can resume everything you do in this game idle, you will stop one day if you can’t proceed anymore and do various upgrades. To prevent this, we tell you everything you need to know and how to approach and play the game more aggressively.

So don’t waste another time Idle article tips and tricks Learn everything you need to know about the game!

Mission start

Missions can be found in the top right corner of the screen and provide a lot of rewards to help you complete your mission. I suggest you try to complete this mission as soon as you start the game. Because you will receive many keys and different currencies and useful items to get more heroes and get better!

I’ll continue to suggest this as soon as the game presents it to me, it started to perform these missions and helped me improve quite a bit, so it’s very useful.

Better Equipment Fabrication for Components

There are two main types of weapons you can build for your fighters: weapons and armor! They are quite fun to make, but some of them take a lot of time to collect the ingredients and require some luck to get good results!

Craft Weapon: Weapons have a fixed rank, so wizards can’t equip swords, so you’ll have to build class-specific equipment for every individual, so you’ll have to build new weapons for every individual class fighter. .

Since you don’t know what fighter you will get, you don’t want to waste the material, so it’s better not to build a weapon beforehand. When you get a new good character, save your materials and gold and make new weapons!

Made Armor: Armor is divided into four parts: hats, shirts, gloves and trousers. This equipment can be used by any character, so everyone can equip it to create extra hats, shirts, gloves and pants.

Equip the best characters with the best characters

If you’re rare and have something like that, you’ll be lucky enough to draw a super or ultra rare character who should be one of the best on the team by that moment! In this case, you must immediately equip the best gear for that character!

To equip your character with gears, simply tap on your character and you will see a tab called Gears. Tap it to select the automatic gear button at the bottom of the screen or to equip your gear manually!

Sometimes it is better to manually adjust if you already have the best gear with a character that is not good. Just tap the Change button-> Change-> OK.

Character level up

You can level up the characters you play. Just tap the level up button next to each character. Raising your character level consumes gold, so if you don’t want to run away immediately, you need to upgrade your most powerful hero first.

Here is my suggestion: In my opinion it is best if you can get some UR letters and level up because it costs the same cost as R to level up the UR letters. Therefore, it is better to invest directly in the best characters without wasting time and money upgrading other characters.

Also upgrade all the characters as much as possible! It’s also a good idea to keep your team balanced. Because there is no weak link in the team.

Get more characters!

The safest way to get more characters quickly is to go to the store tab (bottom right corner of the screen). There are a few boxes on the Character tab.

Random box (advertisement): This box can be opened every 10 minutes and contains one letter between the B and SR grades. Just watch the ad and open it.

Random Box (Gold Key): This box can be opened using the gold key and contains 1 letter between S and LR.

Random Chest x10 (Gold Key): This box is almost identical to the previous one, but contains better loot. Only 10 keys are required to open in this box, and at least 1 SR character is guaranteed! So save and open the key!

Random box (ruby): This box offers 1 S to LR quality characters and costs 100 ruby ​​to open! Do not worry as this product is so expensive.

Random box x10 (ruby): This box is similar to the previous one, but to open 10 boxes here, you need 950 rubies (50 ruby ​​discounts by default). In addition, at least one SR character is guaranteed, so this is better!

In my opinion, the best way to get more characters is to use these options. In particular, focus on Ad Chest (daily) and save Gold Keys and Rubies to summon 10x chest boxes!

Watch your ad to get stuff for free

There are a lot of things you can get by just watching the ads, from ruby ​​to EXP and gold. You can find all of these options just below the character fighting screen at the top of the screen, and you can choose to watch short ads to take full advantage of this bonus!

View ads for free ruby ​​10: This is the first option and gives you 10 ruby ​​for free when you watch the ad!

View ads with 2x free attacks for 3 minutes: Your character’s damage doubles for 3 minutes!

View free EXP ads: 10 minutes cooldown to gain free experience and replenish your tension!

View ads for free fairies: This free fairy will pick up fairy stuff on your screen for you!

To enjoy all of these benefits, it’s as simple as watching your ad.

Tap the fairy!

Various fairies appear on the screen. It will help by replenishing or healing tension. Therefore, when you see them on the screen, you need to select them because you can fight with the enemy much faster.

Tap the screen to release tension

It sounds fun, but this is game mechanics! In the character fighting screen at the top right, you’ll see a series of vertical bars representing the tension points available.

1 tension point = 1 tap, so you can do some damage every time you tap a monster or boss! Using tension points can help you fall much faster when fighting bosses or tough monsters!

Claim your reward

Every time you log in to the game you can claim daily login rewards. These are very useful rewards, and even if you don’t plan to log in to play the day, log in and claim it because you can claim 10 golden keys to help you summon more if you log in and log in on the 7th day. (And hopefully better) character!

Do a daily dungeon

There are several attempts to get into Ruby Dungeon, which can be found in the bar at the bottom of the screen every day. In this dungeon you can earn more rewards by fighting increasingly difficult monsters. Here are some tips.

– Watch the ad to increase the time you stay inside the dungeon – this will help you a lot!

– Wait 4 hours to get a free entry again.

– Press the blue arrow next to it to switch between Ruby Dungeon and Hell Dungeon. They have time limits and will give you various rewards!

– Dungeon entry count is included in both dungeons, so if you have up to 5 items, you can’t play Hell Dungeon 5 times and Ruby Dungeon 5 times – both can go together 5 times, so decide wisely what you want. Most attended!

Send your troops to Pioneer for free gold

After collecting a few extra characters (4 to be exact), you’ll need to place them on the Pioneer team so that you can fill up your gold every 10 minutes. The amount of gold they will find for you will be directly proportional to their attack. So the stronger the character sent, the better the reward!

It’s free gold, so it’s worth it, so you should do this every 10 minutes.

You can check out the gameplay video right here:

These are our idle article tips and tricks we have for you now! Want to know more useful game tips and tricks or want to share your strategy? Leave it in the comments section below!