Hustle Castle Cheats, Tips, And Strategy Guide

Hustle Castle 2018 Tips Game Cheats 2018

Hustle Castle is a popular game for mobile devices from My.Com B.V. This game offers many challenging missions, boss fights, characters and more.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Horse Racing Manager Games Cheats 2018 one of the best games on the Google Play store and app store. Learn how Hustle Castle guides, tricks, tips for quick progress, how to get 5-star characters, and how to build a new room to grow your castle

Released in 2017, with over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store I did. And the reasons for its success are unique gameplay, characters, and regular updates. This article covers everything you need to know as a beginner. Hustle Castle Guide and Hustle Castle is a cheat, tip, strategy for acceleration

Start – Base – Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle Game You learn about the basics of the game. Enjoy Hustle Castle, upgrade your room, add a new room, resident / character, how to start a battle, and equipment. After completing the tutorial, you can manually manage all kinds of tasks, such as customizing castles, residents, resources, and combat.

In Basics – Hustle Castle, the goal is to grow your castle and fight, defeat your boss, add more people to your castle, join the clan and join the clan war. The initial stage is very easy to complete, but it is difficult and difficult to complete these initial stages. Upgrading will require more time and resources, and monsters will be more powerful. Let’s start with the Hustle Castle Guide and learn everything.

1.) Hustle Castle Guide

The first step you need to do in the Hustle Castle game is four-star. There are too many rooms. Safe, basement, barracks, living room, throne. All of these rooms are in the main room. You can not upgrade another room. Upgrading the throne account will open a new room and consume gold to build a constellation in the castle. You can get it by winning the gold or battle produced in the finance room or by completing the quest.

  • Resident Guide / Character Guide – Hustle Castle

 Hustle Castle One of the other major tasks of the Hustle Castle game is to take care of the residents.

  • Residents with star
  • 2 star residents
  • 3 star residents
  • 4 star residents
  • 5 star residents


Finding 5 Star Characters Easy from Hustle Castle It is not. Check out the tricks below to learn how to get a five-star character in this game.

There is a one-sex-three character in the beginning of the game.

  • Treasurer – The Treasury Department is responsible for determining the health and combat performance of the character in combat. The gold production is determined in the finance room.
  • Alchemist -> Alchemist class determines mana production.


Attribute of character –

  • Damage per second
  • Armor
  • Dodge
  • Production

Effect of class and attribute points on characters Increasing class points and attribute points has more benefits You can get. Here’s how: –

⇒ Upgrade your character from the Fighter Training Room to increase fighters and improve your armor and other attributes per second.

⇒ Upgraded character in lab Increases Alchemist class points. Place a character with high Alchemist points in mana to increase mana output.

If you want to increase Cook’s points, upgrade ‘s character . Increase the food production of characters with high cooking class points in the restaurant.

Upgrades your character to increase your financial contact rating. Increase your gold output by placing a person with a high financial grade score in the finance office.

Mints, kitchens and labs are locked at the start of the game. Upgrade your throne room to unlock this room. Hustle Castle can benefit from upgrading each class of resident. Just training and improving. Do not waste time on one star.

 Hustle Castle Please build a living room and place a man.

[2] [3] [4] [5] [4] Residents and female residents. After that they start dating each other. After a certain time, the female character is pregnant and comes to the girl or the boy.

You can track pregnancy status by tapping on a female character. The baby grows up and becomes a resident after 6 hours (approx.). Read Hustle Castle’s Tips, Tips to learn how to get a 5 star baby / character. Repeat this process with other female characters in the castle and get another baby.

Another major mission at Hustle Castle is to defeat monsters and bosses in battle. Select the tab -> Location -> Level from the map. Before you start a battle, you must place a resident in a soldier room. Place resident wisely. Tap the tenant and check the properties.

  • Removing or removing a character from a castle

You can remove characters of a lower character from a castle (first cast, second cast). Tap the menu (near the name) and choose to ban from your last name.

So this is Hustle Castle Guide for Beginners . Hustle Castle Cheats, Tips and Tricks [19659000] A.) Chapter Complete

When you start the game, you will see the armor Since there is no equipment, it is advisable to complete quests and combat in the early stages. Complete the initial quest.

B) Increase production of resources.

Placement of residents in production facilities such as treasury, mint, and restaurants will increase production. . For example, food must attack the enemy. You can increase your food production by deploying residents [Just hold, drag, and drop].

There is another tip. Place a resident based on class points.

Normal production rate: –  Hustle Castle

After the resident placement: –  Hustle Castle

C.) Get the best equipment. Role-Based Armor

Open your chest to obtain equipment items such as weapons, costumes, and armor. You have to equip your character with the best armor [on the basis of role] to get more benefits. Here’s how:  Hustle Castle

For combat; Attributes and items that can improve your HP level.

For cooking – tap the icon -> Equipment. Send the character to the restaurant to increase food production.

Mana -> Alchemist icon Tap -> Equipment. Putting characters on mana increases mana production.

Gold -> Finance icon tab -> Equipment. Place your character in the treasury room to increase your gold output.

If you do not want to participate in the battle, increase your resource output by sending characters to this room.

D.) Reduced upgrade time [19659004] As you know, upgrading a room takes a lot of time. If you send a resident to a room where construction works, the upgrade time is reduced by 40 seconds.

  • Send a character to the room [-40 seconds]
  • Send his / her back to his / her back
  • Send him / her back to his / her back
  •  Hustle Castle As mentioned above at Hustle Castle, you have to take care of your residents. A bonus is provided if you keep your resident / character happy at Hustle Castle. Gold collection, mana collection, food collection, etc. If the character is not happy, you lose the bonus.

How to keep a character happy in Hustle Castle

It is easy. Please press their wishes [bubble message].  Hustle Castle

F. Get a free diamond.

Diamond is one of the major game calls in the Hustle Castle game used for instant upgrades or purchases. Stuff at the store. There are many ways to get free diamonds at Hustle Castle.

Complete all ad related quests every hour [Tap on book icon, at the left side of the main screen]. You can earn up to 20 diamonds per day when you complete this quest.

You can get a free diamond by removing the bunker.  Hustle Castle

G.) By 5-Star Character Import

By breed, you can get 5 star characters. Send two classy persons to the living room and wait for results. (3 stars + 3 stars, 4 stars) (4 stars + 3 stars = 3 stars, 4 stars) (4 stars + 4 stars = 5 stars, 4 stars). Increase your character’s class points for better results. To learn about the class, please read the Residents’ Guide above.

So, Hustle Castle Tips, Tips Hustle Castle Guide This is for beginners. Download – here (Google Play Store). Also, the best offline RPG games for Android 2018


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