HP Omen X 27 Looks to Close Color Gap With IPS Screens

HP Omen X 27 Looks to Close Color Gap With IPS Screens

HP's new Omen X 27 HDR display may finally be advantageously balanced for TN panels. Gamers buying new HP screens can enjoy stunning color reproduction, as well as ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate and detailed 1440p resolution thanks to the introduction of HDR. This allows you to choose a much wider variety of colors and improve contrast and lighting in compatible titles and media.

Panel technology is important, but not every gamer should consider when buying a new monitor. TN panels are fast but not good in color, but IPS is slow but offers a richer picture. The HP Omen X 27 wants to bridge this gap with its fast TN display that delivers outstanding color reproduction through HDR technology. It's not the same as an advanced IPS panel with wider color gamut support, but its initial appearance, Digital Trends, suggests it's a great option for high-speed gamers who don't want to sacrifice. Visual clarity.

HP Omen X 27 has a resolution of 2560 x 1,440 with a response time of 1ms, supporting up to 240Hz refresh rate for high speed gaming. Screen tearing is a thing of the past thanks to Freesync 2 HDR support and native color gamut support that fits 90% of the DCI P3 range. If the typical contrast ratio is 1,000: 1 and the dynamic ratio is 1,000,000: 1, you need to add depth to the scene rendered on the screen in black and white, and HDR can enjoy the maximum brightness of 400nits. [19659003] But the new Omen display is actually a shining color. When HDR is enabled, HP promises a much wider and deeper color gamut throughout the spectrum, especially for green and blue.

HP Omen X displays all the features of the HP Omen Command Center, which now offers A.I. Coaching to improve in League of Legends .

HP Omen X 27 will begin shipping in September, priced at $ 650.

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