How to Unlock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Charms

Call of Duty Modern Warfare offers new customization options for players in the form of charms. Charm is a small item hanging next to a weapon. Charms are used only for decoration and do not give the player a competitive advantage. This guide explains various ways to unlock all the charm of the game and add a sense to the weapon.

Modern war charm

One way to get the weapon's charm is to complete the mission challenge. To view the mission, go to the Barracks menu. Then head for the multiplayer challenge. There are several missions here.

Completing this achievement rewards players with different types of loot. Some of these missions get player charms. Some rare charms require you to complete multiple missions to get charm.

Here is a list of some of the attractions that can be unlocked through mission assignments.

  • Spit Investment Mission – Goal 3 – Sword of Courage
  • Well-Equipped Mission – Goal 3 – Flame Attraction
  • Class Mission Privileges – Goal 1 – Amulet Again
  • Best Mission-Goal 1-Best Slice Charm
  • Best Mission – Goal 5 – Useful Governor Amulet
  • Specialist Guns – Aim 2 – 50 Sword Charm

Not all charms are available for every weapon.

Another way to gain attraction is to buy items in the in-game store. The Call of Duty Endowment Pack (US $ 9.99) includes exclusive charms that can be used for any weapon