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How To Receive Items From Auction: WoW Classic Guide

In World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic, it is generally cheaper to buy some excellent items for your level at the Auction House.

You can usually find auction houses in the largest cities.

This is how you can receive the items you bought at the WoW Classic auction.

How to buy auction items

One of the auction houses is located in Orgrimmar, more specifically in the Force Valley.

The exact location is shown on the map below, marked by the player's location.

 classic wow auction

There, talk to any of the auctioneers.

You can search for the item you want to buy.

You can bid and wait for the best, or you can simply buy the items you really need.

 how to collect auction items -wow classic

How to receive auction items

If you win the bid or buy an item, you can get the Mailbox item.

The mailbox is located in front of the Orgrimmar Bank, which is near the Auction House.

There are mailboxes in most cities if they are not confused.

 classic wow: how to get auctioned items [19659021] classic wow - how to get auctioned items

Open the mailbox and receive all the items.

 bought auctioned items but didn't get it - wow classic

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