How To Make Light Box In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to the popular sandbox game Dragon Quest Builders.

Once again, this game has lived up to expectations and it's fun to play even in single player mode.

If you & # 39; At this time, in Khrumbul-Dun, and with the task of putting light boxes on the silver bar, this article may be for you.

This is how you can create a lightbox in Dragon Quest Builders 2. [19659002]   how to make a lightbox in dqb2

How unlock the light box recipe

If you don't have the light box recipe, you can find one or two light boxes on the lower level of the mines.

But that is not enough. You need about 18 light boxes for the silver bar, and more for the gold bar.

To unlock the light box recipe, you must build the enhanced bedroom for Digby. This request is only late in the chapter.

This is probably after you've found silver or gold, and this application will appear.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Where to find the light box [19659014] Dragon Quest Builders 2: where to find the light box

Right after completing the elegant large bedroom, you can immediately create light boxes.

You will need gold bars for these boxes. [19659002]   how to get the light box - Dragon Quest Builders 2

And that's it.

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