wow classic - fungal spores

How To Find The Fungal Spores: WoW Classic Guide

Fungal Spores is an apothecary search at the crossroads in World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic.

Your task is to find 4 fungal spores and take it away.

Here is how you can find fungal spores in World of Warcraft Classic.

 wow classic - fungal spores

To unlock the mission, talk to the apothecary Hellbrim at the crossroads.

How to find fungal spores

Mushroom spores can be found in forgotten pools. Its exact location is shown on the map below, marked by the player's location.

 wow classic - location of fungal spores

When you get to the pool, you'll find a pair of fungal spores that surround the pool.

If they are not there, it probably means that other players have looted them.

They will reappear in a few minutes.

 wow classic - fungal spore guide

Once you have 4 fungal spores, return to the apothecary and claim 7 silver as a reward.

 wow classic - fungal spore tutorial

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