How To Equip A Ranged Weapon For A Melee Class

If you're new to Classic World of Warcraft (WoW), you may not know how to equip a bow or weapon if you use an orc warrior.

Luckily, most players are useful in Classic that will tell you most things. Otherwise, you can check many guides online.

This is how you can equip a ranged weapon (for example, a weapon) for your melee class in WoW Classic.

Find a weapons master

If you are an orc warrior or some other kind of close combat, you need to find a weapons master to be able to handle a weapon at a distance.

You can find weapons masters in the capitals, but each weapons master can only teach you several weapons.

If you are looking for a weapons master, you should go to places like Thunder Bluff. Orgrimmar does not have a weapons master.

There are online guides where you can find weapon masters for each weapon.

Pay for the skill

As an example, If you are looking to wield a weapon, go to Thunder Bluff and talk to weapons master Ansekhwa.

Its exact location is shown on the map below, marked by the player's location.

 wow classic how to equip the weapon for hand-to-hand combat class

You will see it next to the arms dealer.

Talk to him and you can learn maces, guns and canes. As for weapons, you must pay 10 silver to learn the skill.

Once you have the level 1 weapon skill, you can start leveling the skill using rifles and other weapons. Bullets must be equipped separately in the mini slot next to the gun slot.

 how to equip the orc gun - wow classic

And that's a summary of how you can use ranged weapons for melee classes in the WoW classic.

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