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Common PDF formats are a great way to quickly compile and publish electronic information. The hard part happens when you try to change the content inside the PDF. It's not really designed to be edited and you need special software to adjust the content. That's why there are 3 best ways (including 3 alternative apps) on how to edit a PDF when you need a major change.

Using Adobe Acrobat

  Editing Adobe PDFs

We recommend switching to the Adobe Acrobat app when editing PDF files. This method requires access to the Adobe Document Cloud (DC). It doesn't matter if your company / budget already pays for Adobe subscription. Go to Acrobat and follow the steps. If you have a one-time PDF project that you really need to edit, you can get started with a free trial of Adobe DC and have temporary access to the tools you need without investing in long-term costs.

Step 1: Move the PDF file you want to edit in Adobe Acrobat to the files and Open . The content should appear in the Acrobat window.

Step 2: PDF Edit Find the tool. The tool must be selected on the right. Select this item to go into interactive mode where you can select PDF content.

Step 3: Change your . You can edit text, find spelling errors, resize most elements (using the object tool)), and much more. Backgrounds Links Headers and other toolsets are all applied so you can edit almost anything you want.

It is worth noting that Adobe has it. Mobile app version of this software if you need to work on the go. If you need to print a PDF, this app is one of the best option.

Note: If you do not want to pay for a more permanent version of the service, the price of the standard version starts at $ 15. Month — If you want to edit the PDF, there is no permanent license option. If you are interested in viewing PDF content rather than changing the PDF content, there is also a free PDF viewer version of the software with much less functionality.

Alternative Apps

Third-party apps provide a variety of high-speed PDF editing options as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It's generally free and you can quickly visit and use or download your browser.

This tool is more restrictive than Adobe's product, but is an ideal solution for editing or editing in other software that is simpler and more reliable. .


  how to edit pdf pdfsam01

If your goal is to move PDF pages to create more complex documents, you only need PDFsam. It is an extraction tool that can be used to pull out PDF pages within a file or switch between various PDF files to create the required documents. Bookmarks, sizes, or custom page limits allow you to split PDFs and rotate pages as needed.

The layout of PDFsam is simple and easy to understand for beginners. But it only deals with moving content around your PDF. This is useful for quickly creating large messages and sending PDF messages. However, dives deeper, changes colors, fixes resolutions, fixes spelling errors, and so on. There is an advanced version of the software that allows you to add more editing features with additional free downloads, but this option is more complicated and takes longer for beginners to learn. If you are interested in merging many PDFs, check out the best software to merge.

PDF Xchange

  How to edit pdf pdfexchange01

This free download comes with a PDF-Xchange editor and a list of things you can do for PDF pages – a much more complete way than Adobe Acrobat. Split, merge, edit, spell check, translate to other languages, add comments, and insert external links. The software includes plugins for the JavaScript engine, file backups, image embedding, custom stamps, Google Drive tasks, and everything else included when you purchase an advanced license.

Find the right tool to do exactly what you want in your PDF file. The disadvantage is that it may take some time to learn and find exactly what you need, especially when you first use the software.

Sejda online PDF editor

  How to edit pdf [sejda01

Online editors like Sejda are perfect when you download certain software to edit PDFs. Edit existing text, digitally sign out, white out, add images and shapes, and annotate text within a PDF.

Service has limitations (e.g. up to 200 pages for editable PDFs). PDFs larger than 50 MB are not processed. If you want extra features, there is a subscription package that can open unlimited applications and PDF sizes, and you can access desktop applications.

PDF file conversion

Last option if you are new to PDF or need to do a lot of detail without learning a new app. Convert PDFs to other formats to work with software that is more comfortable or suits your needs. The most basic way to do this is a word processing application you are already using, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can do that, but the problem is that PDF conversions can be hit or missing, especially in these basic word processing applications. Things like markup, fonts and formatting can all be different.

You can convert PDFs to CSV, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, and even Excel formats, starting with a dedicated PDF converter such as Able2Extract Professional 14. Different choice. Also, after a somewhat safer process than the first conversion step, you can convert it back to PDF.

  Export Adobe PDF

If you are planning any PDF conversion, you can also use Adobe Acrobat. . Adobe can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint within Acrobat. If possible, Adobe's format conversion is more accurate than most, so I'd recommend this over other methods.

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