How To Build A Spa Resort: Dragon Quest Builders 2

Once you've completed the main story in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can start focusing on more tablet goals.

Completing each of these goals will grant you a mini medal each time. One of the things you need to build is a spa complex.

The following explains how you can build a spa resort in DQ Builders 2.

 dq-builders-2-how-to -build-spa-resort

If you look at the additional details about the purpose of the spa resort, you will learn that you need to combine a smoking spa and a music room to make a spa.

How to build a smoking spa

The first thing you need to build is a smoking spa.

The ingredients are as follows:

If you need to look for the mouthpiece, pink petals and hot water, you can find them at Rimey Reef.

It is one of the side islands. Explore the highest areas of the map and you will find one or two onsens at the top of the snowy hill.

To get the petals, use your hammer to hit it. Do not use your sword.

The mouthpiece is also there for you to bring it back. As for hot water, use your bottomless pot to pick up a little.


Once you've collected the hot water, you'll learn the recipe for the spa nozzle and other things.

You can also bring all the rocks if you want to use it. [19659002]   dragon-quest-builders-2-how-to-build-steamy-spa

Once the spa is ready , you must place 3 bathtubs and 3 sidewalks inside the same room, and it becomes a smoking spa.


How to build a music hall

Once the smoking spa is finished , build an adjacent room for the music hall.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • 3 musical instruments ( can be of any type and can be repeated )
  • 1 stool ( has to be a stool and not a sofa )


After placing 3 musical instruments, place two curtains in the room.


Then, simply place a stool and the music room is done.

Connect the music room and the smoking spa with a door and the thermal complex is complete.

 how-build-a-musi c-hall-in-dragon-quest-builders-2-

And this is how a spa is built in DQ Builders 2.

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