How To Build A Room Somewhere Down Low: Dragon Quest Builders 2

After completing the main story in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you still have some tablet goals to complete.

Once you have finished building a room somewhere high, you can also build a room somewhere low.

This is how you can build a room somewhere under in DQ Builders 2.

How to build a room somewhere under

Now, I'm not sure how low you really need to go, but in my case, it worked.

 dq-builders-2-build- a-room-somewhere-down-low

The image below is an indication of how low I built the room.

It may not be necessary to be so low. You can try to dig just a few blocks and see if it fits the checklist.

Just remember to build walls 2 blocks high and a door to complete the room.

 how to build a-room-somewhere-down-low

Below is how simple a room can be be. Only 2 blocks of walls and a single straw door.


It still marked The aim of the tablet and you will get a mini medal.

 dragon-quest-builders-2-how -to-build-a-room-somewhere-below-under

It may not help to determine the limit, but building such a low room worked safely.

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