How To Build A Farm In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Once you've completed the main story in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can start focusing on building rooms and other features.

One of the tablet targets you can build is a farm. Completing each tablet goal will grant you a mini medal.

The mini medal can be exchanged for objects with the hairy Hermit.

This is how you can build a farm in DQ Builders 2.

How to build a farm

If you read the details on how to start a farm in The objectives of the tablet, you will learn that you need wheat grass.

 builders of dq 2 how to build a farm [19659009] dq builders 2 how to build a farm

If you don't have wheatgrass seeds or wheatgrass on your farm, you can get some from Blossom Bay.

Simply take the boat to Blossom Bay and you will find a lot of wheat grass on the ground.

Use your hammer to hit wheatgrass and get some seeds.

 how to build a farm in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Once you have the seeds, sow the land. Place some fences around the area and a scarecrow to allow Mr. Wrigley to make land.

Villagers will then work the land. – dq builders 2 "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "srcset =" 2-800×450.jpg 800w,×169.jpg 300w, https: //×432.jpg 768w, /2019/08/where-to-get-wheatgrass-dq-builders-2.jpg 960w "sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px “/>

Place the seeds as usual.

 dq builders 2 location of wheatgrass

Once the wheatgrass has grown, the purpose of the tablet is complete, and you have a farm.

This wheatgrass can be used to feed your animals.

 dq 2 builders how to make a farm

And that's how you build a farm in DQB2.

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