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How to Block Someone on WhatsApp Messenger

How to Block Someone on WhatsApp Messenger

Preventing someone from contacting you through social networks, online phone or chat is a drastic measure. Indicates a complete break in a relationship and loss of confidence in the person being blocked. However, sometimes it is necessary to prevent a person from communicating with you.

When you block someone in WhatsApp Messenger, the immensely popular chat and VoIP service that serves more than one billion people around the world: messages, calls and status updates sent by that person. it will no longer appear on your phone and will not be delivered to you. The last people that have been seen, online, status and updated their profile photo will no longer be visible to blocked people. The blocked person can see that their messages are not delivered, but they will not know the precise reason unless it has been communicated otherwise.

While the lock works as soon as you turn it on and on, messages that a blocked person sent you or that you sent before the blockage remains accessible. Blocking in WhatsApp does not remove that person from your contact list and will not remove it from the contacts of the blocked person. The blockade prevents someone from communicating with you personally through the service, but you and your blocked contact can still be seen if they are part of a group because the groups are public. You can block people you know and people who communicate with you and who you do not know. But you can not block unknown users before they send you messages. If you ever have to block a contact in WhatsApp Messenger, this is the way to do it.

How to block a contact

On Android

  • On Settings touch Account> Privacy> Contacts blocked .
  • Touch the Add New button and search for the contact you want to block from your contact list, then touch the contact and touch block in the Three-Point Menu at the top right of the screen.
  • Alternatively, you can open a conversation with the contact and touch the name of the contact to block it.
  • Tap Block or Report and Block .

On iOS

  • On the Home screen, touch Settings> Account> Privacy .
  • Towards the bottom of the screen, you will find the Blocked button .
  • Press the Blocked button and then press the Add New button to see a list of your contacts.
  • Ta p the contact you want to block.
  • That person appears on the Blocked page. You can add another person, but if you have finished, touch the name again and it will take you to your information page.

Other blocking procedures

There are several ways to block an unknown phone number, some of which are suspected of being spam. If this is the first interaction you have had with this number, you can open the chat and touch Block> Block . Or, start a chat with the unknown person, then tap the phone number> Block contact> Block or Report and block .

Report and block is more serious than the simple Block action. If you inform and block, that notifies the WhatsApp database so that the contact is added to a list of blocked and informed contacts.

If you receive text on WhatsApp from an unknown number that is not stored on your phone, you can report and block so that you never receive messages from that number again. If someone you do not know sends you spam, the Report and Block feature ensures that they do not send you more unwanted messages, and WhatsApp can ban them.

How to unlock

It's easy to block someone on WhatsApp, and it's just as easy to unlock them. A common way is to touch the blocked contact and try to chat with them. Next, you will see a message to unlock them. It can also reverse the blocking process.

Unlock Android

  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and then Unlock .
  • Touch or hold the name of the contact you want to unlock and tap Unlock of the pop-up alert.

Unblock from iOS

  • Go to screen Contacts blocked . Touch ] Edit and then the red dot for Unlock or simply slide your finger to the left and press the button Unlock .


  • Navigate to your blocked contact Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked .
  • Tap the name, scroll through the Contact Information panel and touch Unblock contact .

Blocking contacts either temporarily or permanently can prevent bullying, abuse or simply unwanted contact with people with whom you do not want to chat for a specific period of time. The Report feature can help reduce spam across the service. Blocking does not always have to be, and you can give a blocked person a second chance whenever you want.