Horse Racing Manager 2018 Tips Game Cheats 2018

Horse Racing Manager 2018 is a new game for Android at Tilting Point, training horses and rivals and getting horses, horseshoes and breeders. Horse Racing Manager 2018 Get tips, tricks, and guides to speed up AA this week in all games.

Horse Racing Manager 2018 Tips Game Cheats 2018

At the moment, the Horse Racing Manager 2018 on the Google Play Store is the best game in the sport. type. Just released by Titltpoint (one of the best game developers) in the Google Play Store. If you have played other manager games like Football Manager, Basketball Manager, you can easily understand the mechanism of this game. In this post we have covered everything you need to know about this game. Horse Racing Manager 2018 by mr Guider info & Racing managers on top horse racing 2018 Cheats, tips

Start – Basic – Racing managers 2018

Before the cheats, tips and guides come out of the game Learn the basics. It begins with a tutorial that guides you through many aspects of the game, such as training, racing, breeding, and more. After you finish the tutorial, you need to manage all the words. When you start the game you will get your first horse for free and win the first game. If you want to win a gold medal trophy as you progress through the game, you will go to the professional league and it will not be easy to win your competition. And after a certain age, your horse can not compete; So breeding is another challenge to get new horses for the race.

Default – In this game, the goal is to raise the leaderboard in all matches and get maximum rewards. To win in the Higher league, train your horse and improve its traits. To get new words, you have to breed horses. After a certain age, your horse will retire and you can sell a huge sum of money. Start with the Horse Racing Manager 2018 Guide and check out the Horse Racing Manager 2018 Cheats, Tips, and Strategies .

.) Horse Racing Manager 2018 guide

In this section you will learn about horses, attributes, breeding guides, and in-game items.

In Horse Racing Manager 2018, the horses are graded. AA, A +, A, A-, B, B-, C +, and C. These ratings determine the horse’s potential. The higher the rating, the greater the potential. However, getting an AA or champion-rated horse is not an easy task. If you want to know how to get a champion or AA-rated horse in this game, read the tips below.

At the start of the game only one horse and one not ready for the race yet. After breeding, you will get a baby horse, which will take months to prepare for the race.

It’s a manager game, so you have to take good care of your words.

Let’s learn about education Horse Racing Manager 2018

As the game progresses, new training sessions such as healing, water training, gate training and more will take place. Training improves horse’s attributes. The attributes of a horse are: –

  • Speed ​​- The average speed of the horse. To increase the speed of your horse, do your dirt training.
  • Stamina – Stamina plays an important role in long-distance matches. High stamina means that the horse can run a longer distance at maximum speed. Increase your stamina by riding horses, sand, and horses from the water.
  • Start the race at high speed by riding the horse in the start-gate training session.
  • Burst – The burst point determines the additional speed.
  • Heart – Increases heart property score through hills and water training to reduce negative effects.
  • Substrate-Substance improves the bonus earned from training.

How to train a horse

On the main screen, select the horse you want to train (swipe right to the left). Tap the train option (you can train your horse once a month). Then you should choose a training exercise.

  • Surface
  • Competition
  • Exercise [light training, norma, or hight; light; light bonus and light negative effect, normal; normal bonus and normal negative effect, and heavy training; maximum bonus and high negative effect].

Read the Property Guide above to learn more about training exercises. If you train your horse, your shape will improve, but the rest will decrease. [negative effect on training].

  • Relaxation – You need to rest to write well.
  • Weight – Ideal weight would be good. If it is low, speak and rest.

How to rest your horse

Please go to the next month to rest your horse. In the upper right corner of the main screen, tap the & # 39; Next Month & # 39; button next to the calendar icon. It takes action points to you. Action points can be reissued every few minutes, or you can charge them instantly using a horseshoe. However, it is best not to use a horseshoe to reload action points. AA

  • Aristides, Grade-AA
  • Noblemen, Grade-AA
  • Violence, grade-AA
  • Aristides, Grade-AA
  • Noblemen Chopin, Grade -AA
  • Mass Andromeda, Grade -AA
  • Pocaher Jerome, Grade -AA
  • Montana Moonlight, 19659014] Active Lipeptide, Grade-A
  • Wolf River Whispering, A
  • Wild Soul, Grade – A +


As mentioned above, the champion is the champion, It is not easy to get AA or AA grade. However, to defeat your rivals in the race, you must have champions or AA-rated horses and rank on the leaderboard [high-league]. Read Horse Racing Manager 2018 Cheat, Tips below to find out how to win a champion or AA horse.

  • Breeding Guide – Horse Racing Manager 2018

Breeding is an important task in the Horse Racing Manager 2018 game. You raise two horses and get new horses. Breeding needs right to breed. Breeding rights can be brought to the kennel at the kennel. You can get breeding rights for horseshoe. You can win the race.

Go to the breeding tab -> If a free transaction is possible (swipe left or right) hold. If not, use a horseshoe. To purchase breed rights like Pro, read the tips below!

After purchasing the breed right, return to the main screen and swipe left / right to select the word you want to breed. Then tap on the heart icon (top left) and select Breeding and Breeding. Baby horses and baby horses can race after a few months [in-game timing].

  • Game Item – Horse Racing Manager 2018

Used to buy bucks / cash – breeding rights or to transfer beginners to a stable person.

Action point – used for training, participating in the game and moving to the next month.

Horseshoe – Buy action points and gain breeding rights.

Horse Racing Manager 2018 Guide . [19459055] Horse Racing Manager 2018 Cheats, Tips and Strategies

1). Horse Racing Manager 2018 Cheats, Tips, and Strategies Horse Skill Fundamentals

 Horse Racing Manager 2018 Each horse in Horse Racing Manager 2018 has its own skills. You must choose a race based on this technique. Left, right, mud, dirt and grass. The left turn skill decides how fast he plays in the race that he turns left. As with the right. Mud skill determines horse performance on the mud surface. Tap the race button and check the information. Surface, technology advantages and furlongs. Then compare your horse skills. If favorable, go to the track. If not, choose another race. You can get the maximum compensation if you get 1st grade. If you race on a favorable surface, you are more likely to take 1st place. If ??? is displayed, it means that the technology has not yet been confirmed. You need to test the technology to test it.

Also, be prepared to race



To do well in the race, your horse. Improve your form, rest, and maintain your ideal weight. Through training, you can improve the shape of the horse and move on to the next month to give the rest of the horse. Your horse loses weight after the race and training.

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3) Getting new horses by breeding

Breeding results depend on broiler. Horse Rating and Breeding Rights. For example, if you have grade A and AA breeding rights, you can get AA horses after breeding. Other examples,

Grade B horse + A grade breeding right = B grade horse or A grade horse.

Grade A horse + A grade breeding right = A grade horse or horse.

In summary, you need the best breed. When the game starts, you will get a D grade. Purchase breeding rights. If you get a grade A breed, you can get a grade B at breeding.

How do you get the best breeding rights? You need horseshoes to get breeding rights in stores. Go to store – Propagation rights -> Swipe left / right to confirm deals

Tap the & # 39; Rate & # 39; option to see how likely you are to catch words based on your grade. If you have a high chance of getting an AA or A grade horse, do the deal. If all your transactions are wasted, please unclick your wishes and look for Class B horses or use them later, except horseshoes.

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) Free Horseshoe Fitting – Horse Racing Manager 2018

Horseshoe is one of the main items of Horse Racing Manager 2018. It is used to purchase points or to earn points. To buy for free, tap the “Free Horseshoe” option at the top left of the store. Watch video ads and get free horses. Complete all tasks and routine tasks. Watch a video that doubles your rewards after the game

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Horse Racing Manager 2018 Cheats, tips and tricks for beginners. . Download – here (Google Play Store). Al Ross – Best Pokemon Game for Android

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