Hole.io Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide To Get Crown

With Voodoo’s new game Hole.io, you can eat anything and get a crown. The concept of this game is very unique. In the Hole.io game, the player controls the hole and competes with other players to draw the leaderboard.

When you eat things such as cars, buildings, trees, etc. Hole.io is a new dock for Android and iOS. Our Hole.io tips, cheats and strategy guides become kingyou get more points than others. In this post we covered everything we need to know about the game. Hole.io Tips, tricks and Hole.io Strategy Guide Mastering the game.

Get Started – The Basics – Hole.io

Before we go into the trick, learn the tip, the basics first. The goal is to rank leaderboards in the game. You will compete with the six players for the crown, and the player with the most points at the end of the match will be the top ranked player. But it is not so easy because it is a very dynamic game. You can even eat other players and they can eat you too. If the player has eaten, wait a few seconds.

Each game lasts for about 2 minutes and you must earn more points during this period. When you start the game, you are very small (the hole is very small) and you can not use large objects such as buildings, large cars, etc. So at the start of the game, look for small things such as people, pillars, and garbage cans.

Hole.io Tips and Cheats:

1.) Target the first three seconds Begin Hole.io Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide . Direction

In order to get the first rank in this game, you must start acting from the beginning. If you press the Continue button, the battle begins after 3 seconds. This is actually the most important part. Quickly look around small objects and move immediately after the battle begins. This is called a pre-determined strategy. On the other hand, if you start your search after the battle is over, other players will leave behind.

2.) Do not waste your time.

It’s important every second, and every second gets bigger. And bigger. It is better not to waste time on useless things. –

  1. Eat small things when you start the game
  2. Then eat the tea
  3. Go to the park and eat the tree
  4. Start building the building

You have to start aggressively. Be faster and better than others. To transform into a big hole, you must eat small things first. Then find a big thing. Also, see – Offline games for Android

3). Kill the enemy.

You must earn more points than other players to occupy the top of the leaderboard. One of the best ways to get more points in this game is to eat another player.

Do not forget to kill the enemy.

4.) Double bonus activation

In Hole.io game, killing consecutive enemies within seconds will get special bonus and double points. So, if you have several enemies around you and you are smaller than you, do not forget to kill them. Also, see – the best platformer game on Android

5.) Be King

Do not waste time eating small things if you are big enough.

6.) Quick Tip for Hole.io game:

  • Please specify the direction before the game begins
  • At first eat small things
  • I get it.
  • Perform combo by eating several enemies consecutively.
  • Eat big enough buildings and enemies.

Hole.io Tips and tricks for beginners.

Change color

You can change the color of the hole by touching the color option on the mobile screen.

Can play local multiplayer

. Make a custom room with friends. In the bottom right corner, tap Menu (arrow) -> New meeting room. Or tap an existing room. Also, the best arcade games for Android.

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