HiddenMe Lets You Hide Desktop Icons on Your Mac with Just a Click

Do you know what hits? Having a messy desk that constantly makes you feel like you're drowning in a sea, that is, an ocean of files, and also makes your co-workers judge you because of your lack of organization and only because of the general cleanliness of the system. records. Now I know, macOS Mojave brings desktop stacks to solve exactly this problem, and although I personally use desktop stacks to act as my savior on my MacBook Pro, it's a completely different ball game when you share your screen or make a presentation. , because a click on a large stack of screenshots, and there goes your desktop.

So, if you're on the same boat, or even on a boat similar to mine, and you're looking for ways to hide the desktop icons on a Mac, there are many ways to do it, the easiest of them being "there's a application for that. "

HiddenMe is a free application that can be found in the menu bar and activates and deactivates the desktop icons with just one click.

What is even better, is that you can create a keyboard shortcut to quickly hide / show icons on your desktop with HiddenMe, so you can quickly hide icons from your desktop when you start a presentation, and return to your little tidy Wipe with Desktop Stacks thanks to the macOS Mojave desktop once the presentation is finished.

It is true that you can use a terminal command to do it without having to download a third-party application, but HiddenMe makes it easier and faster to do it with just a click or a keyboard shortcut. Also, when talking about third-party applications that make life easier, you should consult our article on essential Mac applications to see some useful macOS applications that you should consult.

Download HiddenMe from the Mac App Store (free)

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