Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Is A New Mobile Card Game-RPG Hybrid

In the near future, a new Harry Potter mobile game will be released, and unlike the Hogwarts mystery, it focuses on gameplay. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a card game with RPG elements, starting in China and released on iOS and Android. Exactly a year ago, development stopped and is finally confirmed.

The announcement came from NetEase. In partnership with Warner Bros., Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will be announced in China first through pre-registration. It will be the third port key game title released on mobile since Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards United. Both previous titles had high expectations, but gameplay problems prevented them from reaching a large audience. Card Games – When the rpg hybrid joins the ranking, gameplay intervals are expected to decrease.

Harry Potter has a huge fan base around the world, but it's true that only a few are actually interested in Magic Awakened. Card games are not mediocre and it will be hard for players to devote themselves to titles that require a lot of grind to stay relevant.

Here's an image gallery of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, published by Daniel Ahmed, senior analyst at Niko Partners. On Twitter:

NetEase said about Harry Potter: Magic Awakened:

"Harry Potter: Magic Awakening restores all the spells, characters and magical animals that fans know and love to express in a unique visual image." "We are honored to work with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and can't wait for fans to experience this new magical world."

As we can see, Magic Awakened offers the same team-based gameplay as you can see in gacha games. There is also a trading card that triggers the spell.

It sounds fun, but it will take time for us to hold hands. The first test is recognition of Chinese gamers. Chinese gamers are a market that values ​​mobile games more than anywhere else in the world. The release date for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has not yet been set, but I suspect it will be released worldwide before the end of 2019.