Green Skin: Dungeon Master Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving The Dungeons

welcome to Green Skin: Dungeon MasterLog in fantasy RPG to explore adventurers, create your own dungeon clan. As captain of the clan, recruit new soldiers from the tavern, wear line equipment and befriend the goddess in the process!

In Green Skin: Dungeon Master tips and tricks, we'll look at how to build the best team, how to get the best gear, and how to survive in dungeon exploration. Let's do it Green Skin: Dungeon Master cheats, tips and tricks will guide you through dungeon survival!

Check the bonfire for an adventure experience!

As you explore the dungeon, you'll find extinct bonfires. These are traces of adventurers in front of you, and tapping them gives you a unique "adventure experience".

Each dungeon has its own adventure experience, and the more you collect, the higher your level of adventure in a particular dungeon. Higher dungeon levels give you extra bonuses, including increased gold drops and better defense and attack power.

If you have extra food, it's worth it, since you can easily and quickly go to the same dungeon by chasing this bonfire. Adventure experiences and accumulated levels apply only to the dungeons that are present.

Perfect Daily for Diamonds!

Diamonds are the game's premium currency and you have to keep quests every day to win many diamonds. You get 3 quests every day. Two of them are 40 diamonds, the last one is 70 diamonds. This totals 150 diamonds a day.

They usually have to be completed relatively easily because they are not something that you have to go out to achieve.

Create a balanced party!

Dungeon Expedition can hold up to four heroes, and this game is perfect as it has four classes of warriors, swordsmen, assassins and wizards.

Always fill your party with one of each class unless you try a specific strategy or build. Each class focuses on one area of ​​the battle, so building a balanced team is the best way to guarantee your odds.

Aim for 4 to 5 star heroes!

To recruit new heroes in the tavern, aim for the rarest heroes. It should be a bit tricky and very lucky but possible. Rare heroes can be small, but their potential is greatly limited compared to rare heroes. Only 4 and 5 star heroes can improve or evolve.

Try not to waste your recruitment when going to the tavern. With regular or special recruitment, you will see three rare heroes randomly. Special recruits are likely to show off rare heroes.

You can choose for free one of the three heroes to add to your roster. If you already have that hero, you'll get a Soulstone instead. Even if you do not have the hero you want, you should always choose one of the heroes so that you can develop your strength for a better hero.

Do not use recruitment and do not choose a hero. It basically wastes hiring. You'll also earn recruit points each time you use one of the recruitment methods. When you reach the 800 recruitment points, you will be guaranteed a 5-star hero in your next recruitment.

Enhance your hero!

The party went well and now we need to turn it on. Here we will look at other ways to strengthen your hero.

The first way is to equip the gears. Each hero has six gear slots: weapons, heads, chests, arms, feet and accessories. You can find a variety of rare gear in the dungeon, so when you press the automatic gear button, you automatically dress up your hero with the best equipment available in your inventory.

The following is strengthened. Enhancing will strengthen your hero's combat skills, making it even more effective. Requires Hero's Soulstone to strengthen. Obtained by cloning a hero in a tavern.

Finally, it is evolving. If you have enough evolutionary resources, you can evolve your hero to the next level. This greatly improves stats and unlocks new combat skills. Evolution resources can be found throughout the dungeon.

Do not look back at the food and trace back too!

Once in the dungeon, the default food limit is 40, using 1 food for each move. If you run out of food, get out of the dungeon. You can also use food on the spot to restore the party's health.

Recover some food between floors, but still keep your eyes off. For example, you may have explored a large floor and found some exits, but there are some rooms that have not been explored. In this case, it is usually better to enter the exit.

Balance the gentleman!

The shining pedestal with orange orb is a gentleman. When approaching, the shrine offers three buffs and you can choose only one per shrine. This buff lasts and stacks until you leave the dungeon. Most of these buffs often come with debuffs, so you need to wisely balance your decisions.

For example, attack buffs often reduce armor. If you don't want to build too many gentleman buffs of the same type, you may end up with disproportionate statistics like Attack + 50% and Defense -50%. You can do a lot of damage, but you will do a lot of damage in return.

Such a playstyle is certainly possible, but if you are trying to survive, it is better to spread the gentleman buff so as not to tilt the stat buff completely.

Dungeon items make exploration easy!

You need to open every single chest you meet in the dungeon. Because there are almost always two items: one dungeon item and one piece of equipment. Dungeon items are available in consumable and passive form.

Consumables must be used to have an effect. This includes food that restores the party's health, items that can stop the trap, and more.

Passive items are always active as long as they are in the adventurer's pocket. These items grant stat bonuses and gold and experience bonuses to make it easier to pass through dungeons.

Choose a partner!

Mev the Fair introduces a partner mechanic who sets one of the side characters as a "soul". Each partner now has a specific skill that is only active when he is a soul mate.

Mev's skill increases backpack space by 2, which is a good one initially. When you arrive at the next dungeon, you will meet your second partner, Igdra. She reduces the effects of traps on heroes.

There are more partners, but you only need to know that the more you use a single partner, the more you prefer partners that provide bonus statistics. Also, if you pull your partner to the second level, the player is unlocked as a playable hero!

And that will be our guide to Green Skin: Dungeon Master. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!