God of War – Dead Freight Favour Walkthrough

Dead cargo is a favor (side quest) for God's rosy soul of war in 2018. This exercise guides all the goals of a dead cargo favor.

  • Quest Donors: Forgotten Cave Roadside Spirit
  • Requirements: The earliest stage is after the completion of the story mission "A New Destination".
  • Rewards: Tier's Cuirass Recipe, Tar 's Offering and 1880 XP

Where to go Dead Cargo – Locations: Forgotten Caves

Head west on the map to the south beach of the Forgotten Cave You can ride a boat.

Please move forward. And the melancholy spirit appears and interferes. Talk to your soul and accept the quest. Once you have quests go into the Goal tab of the Start menu, go to the tab of the arc, and keep the compass on the compass.

Hel-Walker Crew Kill

Head to the Island of Death.

Take the boat off the pier and head straight. A small wave of Hel-Reavers and Hel-Shadow Scouts will occur. Continue the island of death until you land first. The southern side with the rope facing down on the top head once. Click here to get off the rope and arrive at Iron Cove.

Continue the path and drop Wulver. Once Wulver is defeated, follow the path on the left. Drop down the rocks in your path and destroy them. Hel-Walker and 2 Hel-Walkers are shielded at the bottom landing. Take them out and jump out of the boat anchored to the beach where you are. Sail northeast to the big tower. The name of the dock is "Niflheim Tower" and it is here.

If you go to the top of the tower using the elevator, you will be ambushed by the Hel-Walkers group. Destroy the three Hellwalkers for the Quest.

Return to Merchant Spirit

Go down to the elevator and return to the boat. Return to the Forgotten Cave and regain the soul that gave you the quest.

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