Fortnite Week 2 Challenges: Spray Different Gas Stations | Season 10

Epic Games continues the new way to implement the weekly challenges in season 10 with the launch of the Spray and Pray missions in the second week. The challenges are no longer random, but each week of this season there will be missions linked by a common theme. In the case of the challenges of week two Fortnite this week's theme is to spray graffiti all over the map.

This guide will focus on where to find the locations of service stations on the map and tips for completing that mission. However, before starting, here are the various Spray and Pray missions that we have available this week.

Fortnite challenges of week 2: normal and prestigious lists

I like usual, there are seven missions available this week but with a twist. When you complete a mission, you receive the next one and so on. You can find the full list of normal second week missions below:

  • Deal 500 damage with SMG to opponents
  • Spray a fountain, a scrap yard crane and a vending machine
  • Spray three stations different service
  • Find five lost aerosol cans
  • Look for seven chests in Tilted Town
  • Deal 3000 damage to structures with a machine gun
  • Eliminate three opponents less than 15 km away with an SMG [19659013] As with all weekly missions this season, completing a challenge will also unlock your prestigious version that is much more difficult but gives you better rewards. Here is the complete list of the seven prestigious challenges this week:

    • Eliminate two opponents with the SMG in a single game
    • Look for five chests inside containers with windows
    • Spray a vehicle in six different locations [19659007] Visit two graffiti-covered billboards in a single game
    • Damage 500 opponents with the machine gun
    • Eliminate five opponents less than 5km away with an SMG
    • Eliminate five opponents in Tilted Town with Leaning Skin Teknique [19659021] Spray different service station tips
        Fortnite season 10 week 2 challenges

      The biggest challenge this week is to spray three different service stations on the map. Keep in mind that before you start doing this challenge, there are some tips below that you should keep in mind when doing this challenge:

      • Be sure to complete this challenge in Team Rumble or in any other large team mode
      • Equip your favorite spray before entering the game
      • The three service stations must be in different locations
      • This does not have to be completed in a single match
      • Use the Party Assist function if you need help from your friends or want to complete it together

      How to spray objects in Fortnite

        Fortnite season 10 week 2 challenges

      Before we can complete the challenge, you must make sure you know how to spray objects in Battle Royale First of all, you must have a Spray equipped with your character before entering a game. To do this, head to the box office from the main lobby. From there, equip any spray you want on one of the six slot machines of emoticons that you have available.

      Then, when you are in the game and you are ready to spray one of the three service stations, all you need to do is lift the radial emoticon menu, select the spray you have equipped and press the correct button for your platform To confirm. Your character will spray the graffiti on the nearest surface directly in front of you.

      Fortnite service station location: Lucky Landing

        Fortnite season 10 week 2 challenges

      There are three places we recommend you go to this challenge so you can complete it all in one game, which in Reality is possible with this challenge. The first location we recommend is located just north of Lucky Landing on the southern edge of F9 square on the grid map of the island. Spray the physical service station as seen in our previous screenshot.

      Fortnite service station location : Desert service station

        Fortnite season 10 week 2 challenges

      The second recommended service station is east of the first in the desert. You can find this large truck stop at the edge of squares G9 and H9 on the grid map.

      Fortnite service station location: Paradise Palms

        Fortnite season 10 week 2 challenges

      The third and final recommended service station location can be found at the southern end of the location named Paradise Palms in square I8 on the grid map.

      All other service station locations Fortnite

      Although we recommend those three specific service stations as they are close to each other and can be sprayed in a single match, there are actually six service stations on the island in total. Here are the locations of the other three service stations:

      • On the east side of Pleasant Park at the boundary of squares C3 and D3
      • Directly south of Pleasant Park at the boundary of squares C4 and D4 [19659007] On the north side of Salty Springs, on the edge of squares F6 and F7

      Spray the challenge reward from different service stations

        Fortnite season 10 week 2 challenges

      Your reward for this challenge depends How many challenges have you finished? Here is the full set of rewards this week:

      • One challenge completed: 10 battle stars
      • Two challenges: 10 battle stars
      • Three challenges: 10 more battle stars
      • Four challenges: 5,000 experience
      • Five challenges: 10 more battle stars
      • Six challenges: 10 battle stars
      • Seven challenges: the aerosol can shines again

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