FirstBlood PUBG Missions Are Now Live

We are pleased to announce another way to test your skills and earn rewards at, while playing with PUBG.

The missions are now available to PUBG users when they log in to These missions allow players to be rewarded for playing PUBG and completing specific tasks.

Today, players can participate in daily, weekly and monthly missions. Upon completing these missions, players will receive Bronze, Silver or Gold tickets that can be used to enter gifts.

To participate in Missions, all you have to do is log in and play PUBG. No additional steps are needed, you're done!

This marks three important updates for the FirstBlood application in recent weeks. The PUBG, Bounty Hunts missions are now battles, and our transition moves away from the FirstBlood Royale app. All these updates make it easier for players to visit, log in and play PUBG.

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