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FirstBlood Bounty Hunts Are Now Battles

FirstBlood Bounty Hunts Are Now Battles

Seems you can not find Bounty Hunts in the FirstBlood Royale app? That's because they have a new name! The bounty hunters in the FirstBlood Royale app are now called Battles. The system will continue to work in the same way you used it, but along with a new name, it also includes an important update: no more secondary applications!

The Battle Registry has been added to our web application, such as Our DOTA 2 product. This makes the registration process for events even faster and easier! Starting today, you can log in through your web browser on and register for battles NOW. That's it, there are no applications or secondary steps.

With the update to the web application, this means that we will be transitioning from the FirstBlood Royale application at the end of March 2019. The update makes it easier for players to visit, sign in, sign in Battles and plays PUBG.