Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers includes two new cities; CRYSTARIUM AND EULMORE

Thanks to the last two expansions, the world of Final Fantasy XIV has become bigger and more diverse. And once again, with the next expansion, Shadowbringers is ready to be even bigger with more surprises in store. That means more chances to win FFXIV Currency ! In fact, Warriors of Light -or this time, Darkness- will go beyond Hydaelyn this time. And in the realm beyond which the adventurers have come to know, there are many places worth getting excited about.

Crisis in fourteen Eorzeas

As mentioned in the introduction, the heroes of Eorzea will become Warriors of Darkness [19659005] and travel to other worlds because they have been inundated by Light ] These alternate kingdoms arose when Hydaelyn cast Zodiark from the ocean. In doing so, however, reality was so stressed that it broke like a mirror. While the original Hydaelyn, also known as " The Source " is not affected, " reflections of himself came into existence; to be more precise, fourteen other worlds. Square Enix has hit the gold story, since you can use this to create a lot of new places and content that can allow you to keep grinding and doing more FFXIV Gil in the process.

Going back, the Shadowbringers will take the players to the first world created by that wreckage to save it from the Conveniently known as The First is in many respects similar and same time different from The Source Here, the adventurers will arrive in the region called Norvandt .The main axis of this area is called Crystarium .With a suitable name because it is located near a gigantic growth of glass, this city, whose elegant buildings are made of glass, will serve as the home away from home of the Warriors of Light turned into darkness.

Spitting Image But Not Really

Recently, the official Final Fantasy XIV channel on YouTube uploaded a preview of Eulmore which gives us a preview of the upcoming endgame center. From a distance, Eulmore, located on a cliff, looks like LimsaLominsa . This is because it is the exact analog of this world of the main naval city-state, except that it is not close to the ocean. Apart from that, the city has a horizon of ornate domes, which are gilded and have a needle or balloon shape and are a combination of blue and purple. In addition, the walls and towers of the city are covered with purple and red flags with ornate gold designs.

Last but not least and without a doubt, the differences in living conditions inside and outside the city are remarkable. At the foot of the cliff there are marginal neighborhoods full of improvised houses made of plywood, while the interior, which is obviously inhabited by the rich, has a beautiful neoclassical aesthetic.

Rich, poor, clear, dark

  Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

In relation to the events of history, rich citizens are very aware of the imminent end of the world. However, instead of preparing for this cataclysm, they have chosen to live the last of their days living in total debauchery. As for the impoverished, many of them seek to become part of the privileged class of Eulmore . Unfortunately, most of them do not succeed.

As of now, players have not been told yet if there will be some search lines, or even the main story, that will address the social issue of class division. However, it is very likely that there is at least one. And if not, the creative team in charge of the game is excellent when it comes to telling stories outside the search lines.

It's a completely new world. Or rather, for Hydaelyn, worlds and Warriors of Darkness are now at number one. Will there be more to come? Hopefully! But for now, let's just appreciate The First and its good cities.

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