Far Cry 5 Update Allows Players to Re-do Character Customization and Adds Support to Masks and Special Outfits

The latest update to Far Cry 5 lets you use subtitles by default when you start a new game.

Ubisoft's Far Cry franchise Far Cry 5

This update supports masking and special costumes in the avatar customization menu, so you can redo the character creation process. When you start a new game, subtitles are turned on by default. This update performs periodic stability and performance improvements and fixes some reported bugs and issues that players face during certain missions.

New Additions

  • Added an option to perform the character creation process again in the Avatar Customization menu.
  • Improved accessibility

Subtitles are turned on by default for all languages ​​when starting a new game

Stability and performance

  • In helicopters
  • Fixed a problem that occurred less often when skipping cinematics
  • Fixed some physical problems related to vehicle door and weapon interaction
  • Fixed a problem where a host
  • Inviting a client while the host is on the helicopter will cause the client to be stuck in an immediate death loop if the host is in the helicopter.


  • Fixed a few issues where players could be locked out of the bunker during a mission. , "Quality of Mercy"
  • Fixed an issue where the "Broken Path" mission would not progress under certain circumstances
  • Fixed some issues that could cause the player to be trapped outside the bunker during a mission.
  • "Where Everything Has Started" Fixed Problem Game May Be Taken on Credit Loops Ending in Certain Situations During Final Missions
  • Mary May decided that the player would have to go to John Seed & # 39; s Ranch Atonement if you die while driving
  • Fixed an issue where the time stopped when completing the "The Cleansing" mission or using the Outpost Master feature.

Fixed minor audio problems

  • Fixed a situation where SFX and music could disappear under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a problem where SFX would continue playing when helicopter was destroyed in Arcade
  • Companion, Enemy & Animal AI

    • Fixed an issue where the blessed auto-resurrected the falling animation when a gunshot wore.
    • Fixed a problem that did not leave the car turret when it fell into the water.

    Gameplay and UI

    • Minor bug fixes for vehicles
    • Fixed an issue where wrong animation would play if a player throws a fishing line while Cougar and Moose are in the water
    • Has been resolved.
    • Fixed a problem where players could get stuck in a mounted turret in certain situations
    • Fixed an issue that could not track the murder. Fixed an issue where the player model might appear without customizing the Avaya custom menus
    • Fixed truncation of text in some menus in some languages ​​
    • Fixed an issue where text remains on the screen for certain languages.
    • Fixed subtitles in certain localized languages ​​
    • Fixed and updated weapon balance and statistics
    • Improved weapon animation and hand placement near the wall


    Various replication enhancements:

    • Client Fixed a problem where a host could see a weapon already picked up
    • Fixed a problem where a client arm was in the wrong position while holding a compound bow
    • Fixed a problem that was not a helicopter.

    Cinemat "Only You" is interrupted by clients

  • General improvements to various tasks while playing in Coop, including:

    • cinemat "Only You" Started? "Fixed an issue where objective markers could not be seen during mission
    • Fixed conversion issue. "Burn, Baby, Burn!"

    Fixed an issue where the host / client would hang if the client was in Specter mode.

  • Walkthrough with less frequent occurrences during specific tasks in Coop, including:

    • The "Air Raid" issue, which is the mission of the owner and client to cling to when the Kufu leash breaks, has been resolved.

    Arcade / PVP

    • The asterisk has been changed to reflect the correct rating.
    • Trivial graphical enhancement of crowd cameras
    • Improvement of match flow of personal and public lobbi 19659006] PVP announcer does not reproduce a specific row
    • Fixed low impact conflict during host migration
    • Fixed an issue where chat would not work.
    • Fixed an issue where player name was missing after PVP
    • Fixed and updated weapon balance and statistics
    • Extended map picking time from 35 seconds to 50 seconds in public lobby

    Arcade / Editor

    • Minor bug fixes for specific cartoons

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