FamiSafe – The Reliable Parental Control App You Should Use

Smartphones are a marvel of technology. We use smartphones to control our loved ones, navigate to our destinations, play when we are bored, address emails, stream multimedia content and other things. However, like everything good, smartphones are double-edged swords. This duality becomes quite evident when buying smartphones for our children. On the one hand, they are important because they allow us to be in constant contact with our children, while on the other hand they can open a world of chaos. From cyberbullying to app addiction and social media anxiety, smartphones remain the root of all these problems. However, we cannot get rid of them, since they are really important. That is why FamiSafe is such an important tool for parents.

While all major mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS, offer some kind of parental control, let's say these controls are not enough. If you want to make sure your child is positively using your smartphone, then you should use FamiSafe, which is one of the most reliable parental control applications on the market. In this article, we will take a quick look at the service to see what it brings and how it can help you manage your child's smartphone use.

Key features

As with these articles, we will first see all the key features of this application. The key features will help you understand what to expect from the application. Then we will go to its user interface and usability. Finally, we will close the article reviewing prices and availability. That said, let's start with the key features of FamiSafe, okay?

Cyberbullying is one of the biggest problems children face today. In today's generation, online social life has become as important as normal life, if not more. The Internet is full of toxic people that leads to unprecedented cyber bullying. FamiSafe can help protect your children against cyber bullying by giving parents automatic alerts about the potential risk of cyber bullying, inappropriate adult content, bullying and more in children's text conversations. These alerts can help parents identify problems and resolve them before they have a lasting effect on a child's psyche.

 1. Cyberbullying prevention

  • Real-time and geo-fenced location tracking

Another great feature of FamiSafe is that it allows parents to track their children's real-time location . It also allows them to configure Geo-fencing alerts. The Geo-fence alert system is a blessing to parents. As a parent, you can establish a safe zone for your children. Each time your children leave the designated area of ​​the safe zone, you will automatically receive a notification. This allows you to make sure your child is always safe without having to constantly track his movement.

 2. Geo-fencing and real-time location tracking

  • Application blocker and activity tracker

Smartphones are one of the main reasons why our children have a deficiency problem of attention. I mean, it's hard to get the motivation and strength to study. And, if you combine it with a smartphone that continues to spoil you with notifications, likes and comments, it becomes almost impossible. FamiSafe allows parents to solve this problem by blocking applications for a certain period of time . For example, you can block social networks and game applications during the study or at bedtime so you know that your child is not getting distracted.

 3. App Blocker & Activity Tracker

FamiSafe also allows parents to see a detailed view of the activity of children's smartphones . You can find out in which applications your child spends more time, how social network applications are used the most. Together, activity tracking and application blocking feature can help parents set rules for using smartphones that can improve online life.

Internet is full of unpleasant places. FamiSafe allows parents to thwart possible online threats by blocking unwanted or inappropriate websites with harmful content such as pornography, gambling, violence and more. You can create a list of blocked websites to make sure your child does not have access to unwanted websites.

 4. Filtering web content

  • Tracking and controlling screen time

If you think your child spends a lot of time on the smartphone, this function of FamiSafe can help you. Not only can you find out how often your child's phone is used for one day, but you can also set screen time limits to make sure the phone cannot be used after a certain limit. You can also set a time limit based on the time of day . This will help make sure your child is not using smartphones during class or in specific places such as schools and dormitories.

 5. Activity tracking and time limit

User interface and ease of use

The best part of FamiSafe is that you don't have to ask your child's phone over and over time to make any changes. Once you install the application on your child's phone, you can control everything from your phone. You can change the settings, allow or deny new permissions, set new time limits and more from your phone only. This makes the application easy to use.

 1. User interface and ease of use

As regards the user interface, it is functional and pleasing to the eye. The home page of the application is divided into two halves. The upper half shows the location of your child's phone with the phone's battery life. The lower half of the phone shows details along with the actions you might want to take to make the application more useful. On the page next to the home page, you can find all the features offered by FamiSafe, such as activity reports, explicit content detection, real-time location and more.

 2. User interface and ease of use

You can touch any of these functions to set your own rules . For example, I can click on "Web Filter" to configure rules to filter harmful content for children. The third tab is where you can find all notifications, while the final tab is where you can access things like account settings, frequently asked questions and more. In general, I must say that the application is well designed and very easy to use.

Prices and availability

FamiSafe is available for iOS and Android devices. Any of the devices can act as a main device and can connect several secondary devices to the main device. As for prices, the application charges a subscription price of $ 9.99 / month. However, if you decide to pay the subscription annually, you can get it for only $ 4.99 / month. Also, if you buy it now, you can use the coupon code "SENFSOFF" to get a 20% discount on your purchase.

 FamiSafe Prices

Pay FamiSafe: Free 3-day trial, $ 4.99 / month (billed annually)

Prevent cyberbullying and protect your child with FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a reliable parental control application that all parents should have in their arsenal. The online world is full of hate and intimidation and FamiSafe allows parents to keep their children safe from that vulgarity. With features such as location tracking and geo-fencing, it even allows parents to keep their children safe in the real world. Add features like screen time lock, activity monitoring, web filtering and more, and you'll have a parental control application that brings it all. If you are a parent, you should review this application.

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