Facebook Monetize WhatsApp With WhatsApp Business App Service

The WhatsApp business application for small businesses and the business solution for larger companies that operate on a large scale: Facebook will load with the WhatsApp account verified in the future

Facebook takes the next step to monetize WhatsApp with WhatsApp Business , WhatsApp announces today in its Blog that WhatsApp is testing suitable useful tools for businesses through a free WhatsApp business application for small businesses and business solutions for large companies that operate on a large scale with clients on a global basis, such as airlines, e-commerce sites, banks.

These companies will be able to use the WhatsApp business solution to provide better customer service from WhatsApp with useful notifications such as flight times, delivery confirmation and other updates.

However, WhatsApp starts checking business accounts, you’ll see A green badge next to a WhatsApp account, which means that the WhatsApp user has verified and their phone number belongs to A WhatsApp Business Account.

WhatsApp has more than 1 billion active users per day, probably from India, where most of the purchasing managers connect with their customers through WhatsApp, previously in store banners. Phone number mentioned, with fast growth of Internet users, now merchants. Mention your WhatsApp contact in banners,

WhatsApp has more than 200 million users in India and more than 1 billion users worldwide, many of them using WhatsApp as the default messaging application, the WhatsApp business now It is used by people to grow their customers. Customers on WhatsApp, WhatsApp mentioned in his blog Post-The Way of communication on WhatsApp in the sense of business is not appropriate, that’s why WhatsApp starts the service of business applications for small and large companies to keep in touch with their customers ,

In an interview with a WhatsApp staff member, it was said that WhatsApp / Facebook will be charged to business accounts in the future, in the early days, these services will be available for r Free use,

Facebook still uses users of WhatsApp as a product, Facebook keeps WhatsApp data and uses them when displaying relevant ads for their users in Facebook news, Facebook in 2014 bought WhatsApp with an expensive price of 22 billion dollars, Facebook recently Monetized your Messenger application and now comes WhatsApp.

It is also mentioned that: – Some companies can use service providers to manage their messages, and those service providers can read the messages they send to those companies.

However, it is not clear if WhatsApp verifies that only selected companies or users can register as verified business accounts. For more updates.

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