Echeyakee: WoW Classic Walkthrough And Guide

Echeyakee is one of the missions you will receive at Barrens in World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic.

Your task is to kill a tiger named Echeyakee and grab his skin.

Here is a tutorial and an Echeyakee guide on WoW Classic.

To unlock the mission, talk to Sergra Darkthorn who is in Crossroads.

Where to find Echeyakee's lair

You can find Echeyakee's lair northeast of Crossroads and west or a little northwest of Far Watch Post.

The exact location is shown on the following map, marked by the player's location.

 echeyakee -wow classic

When you get there, you should see giant Kodo bones (image below).

There will also be other Savannah mobs in the area.

 echeyakee -wow classical guide

[19659008] How to invoke Echeyakee

To invoke Echeyakee, use the Horn you received when you accepted the mission. Be in the area when using the horn.

Echeyakee will appear immediately.

 echeyakee -wow classic tutorial

Kill Echeyakee to loot his skin.

 where to find echeyakee - wow classic

Take Echeyakee's skin back to Sergra Darkthorn to complete the search.

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