wow classic - where is echeyakee

Echeyakee: WoW Classic Walkthrough And Guide

Echeyakee is one of the missions you will receive at Barrens in World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic.

Your task is to kill a tiger named Echeyakee and grab his skin.

Here is a tutorial and an Echeyakee guide on WoW Classic.

To unlock the mission, talk to Sergra Darkthorn who is in Crossroads.

 wow classic - where is echeyakee

Where to find Echeyakee's lair

You can find Echeyakee's lair northeast of Crossroads and west or a little northwest of Far Watch Post.

The exact location is shown on the following map, marked by the player's location.

 echeyakee -wow classic

When you get there, you should see giant Kodo bones (image below).

There will also be other Savannah mobs in the area.

 echeyakee -wow classical guide

[19659008] How to invoke Echeyakee

To invoke Echeyakee, use the Horn you received when you accepted the mission. Be in the area when using the horn.

Echeyakee will appear immediately.

 echeyakee -wow classic tutorial

Kill Echeyakee to loot his skin.

 where to find echeyakee - wow classic

Take Echeyakee's skin back to Sergra Darkthorn to complete the search.

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