E3 Leaks Personal Information of Thousands of Journalists

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Thousands of journalists' personal information was leaked by the organizers of E3. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which hosts the annual E3 game conference, showed the name, phone number, and home address of the journalist who registered with the press conference room of the event through publicly accessible documents on the website. Spreadsheets were available to people who threatened the security of more than 2000 journalists by clicking the button on the ESA website.

It was first discovered by the game writer YouTuber Sophia Narwitz. "The Entertainment Software Association met with 2,000 journalists and content creators," Narwitz said. "It's a journalistic mission that warns the public. She says," I'm glad that ESA has an open document. "

Narwitz contacted the ESA by phone and e-mail to notify them of the problem and said the organization had brought the web page but never responded to her.

ESA Statement on VentureBeat:" ESA We are aware of a Web site vulnerability that could allow a public list of registered journalists to be published. Once you get a notification, we've taken immediate action to protect your data and shut down sites that are no longer available. We regretted this case and took steps to prevent it from happening again. "

In addition to being embarrassed by ESA, a leak can expose journalists to violence or intimidation. The gaming community has a history of violence and other extreme tactics that could pose a real risk to individuals who leak information.

Leaks may be a violation of the European Union's General Data Protection Act (GDPR), and there may be a large penalty [19659004] Anyone who attends E3 as a press officer should be aware that his information, including not only journalists but also some game developers and flags, may be released.

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