Dragon Quest Builders 2 Wiki And Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to the popular sandbox game Dragon Quest Builders.

Once again, this game has lived up to expectations and it's fun to play even in single player mode.

If you & # 39; in Khrumbul-Dun and looking for Zenith, this article may be useful.

This is how you can find Zenith in Dragon Quest Builders 2 .

 how to find Zenith

You will receive the request to build Bab's billboard after completing the silver bar and boogie boards; and you will need zenithium.

Talk to Jules

The first thing you should do is reach the lower level. Travel fast near the marked area and walk towards it.

 zenithium location - dragon quest builders 2

You will find Jules in the marked area. Talk to her and she will give you clues about the Zenith.

Apparently you need to go east from here, through the tunnels.

 dqb2 - where to find the zenithium

How to find the zenithium

If you look at the map below, you will find the exact location of the zenithium . Just go to where my character is and start using your echo flute.

Follow the blue musical notes.

 dq builders 2 zenithium location

This zenithium is under many rocks.

Keep digging until you reach these zenithium minerals. And that's all about how to search for Zenith in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

 dragon mission builders 2 zenithium wiki

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