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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the latest installment of the DQ Builders series.

It is said that this sequel is even better than the first and is one of the best sandbox games (with a story).

After you When you finish with Khrumbul-Dun and return to the Island of Awakening, you will be invaded by enemies.

In your escape, you will be captured and placed on a prison island called Skelkatraz.

Here is a tutorial and guide to Skelkatraz in Dragon Quest Builders 2 .

 dragon quest builders 2 - skelkatraz

Below is a table of contents for easier navigation

Service report

After waking up for the first time in prison, you should sleep until the next morning.

In the morning, report of service with the other prisoners. This will be a kind of routine from now on.

 dragon quest builders 2 - skelkatraz guide

Go to the warden and he will assign you some work.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Skelkatraz Guide Tips

Plant some cabbage seeds around the patch.

 Dragon Quest Builder 2 - Skelkatraz Quest [19659020] Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Skelkatraz Quest

Obtain more seeds from the nearby woman.

 Dragon Quest Builder 2 - Skelkatraz Quest Guide

Plant the remaining seeds in the carved earth patch.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Skelkatraz Quest Tutorial

Once you're done, return to your prison cell. Along the way, you can grab a cabbage from the guard's skeleton.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Mission Skelkatraz

As mentioned, this will be a routine, so I will try to skip most of these.

 dragon quest builders 2 - skelkatraz mission guide

Burn the cabbage

Next time, you'll have to burn the cabbage by lighting the burning hay .

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Skelkatraz Tutorial

It is part of Children of Hargon's ways to demotivate you from the building.

Once again, talk to the old woman. [19659002]   dragon quest builders 2 - skelkatraz tutorial guide

Plant seeds again

The next day, you need to plant more cabbage seeds. [19659002]   Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Skelkatraz Wiki

Talk to the prisoners

Then, ask the prisoners more about how to escape from this place or if they have any. track.

As expected, none of them can help.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Skelkatraz Tips

Go back to the old woman and ask her if she knows how to escape.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz

Make friends with the slime

As you speak, a slime appears. He will also give you a Wrangler ring to make friends with other monsters.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz guide

It will give you a monster munchies. Give it to the slime in 30 seconds and he will be your new friend.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz guide boards

Then, sit on this bench and wait until nightfall. This part is also quite routine. Sitting at the bank is usually the way to spend time.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz quest

Find the secret door in the cell

Once in the cell phone, talk to the slime. He will ask you to find the secret path.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz quest guide

Just use your fist and hit the straw mattress.

Below, you will find blocks of sand that you can cross.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz quest tutorial

Go down and you will reach another open area. It is a secret hiding place.

Interact with the pot and you'll find a letter from a prisoner who tried to escape.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz mission

This is when the real mission really begins: escape from Skelkatraz.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz mission guide

Search Brownbeard

Next, find a way to go further. Just hit any block of sand that is in the way.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz mission tutorial

  dq builders 2 skelkatraz mission wiki

Keep going. You will pass through some spaces.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz tutorial

Finally, you will arrive at the crematorium.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz wiki

Brownbeard (your captain) is lying down, but not dead like the rest.

Talk to him.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz wiki guide [19659099] dq builders 2 skelkatraz wiki guide

After rescuing Brownbeard, you'll notice a steel door. But it is locked and you need a key.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz where to get the book

Go back to your room

Now, go back to your cell.

 dq builders 2 skelkatraz how to get to the hole

You must use the sand blocks to patch the hole.

Replace the straw mattress on the sand. So, just sleep.

Volunteer to work at the crematorium

The next day, talk to Malroth and The old woman more on how to escape.

You will have to find your way to the crematorium. He is about to ask a prisoner to go to the crematorium, but you must volunteer.

The two will be thrown there for service.

Talk to the guard when you're at the entrance.

He will give you a key. Use it to open the door.

Clean the bones

In the crematorium, you need to clean the bones by breaking them.

Just hit until they break. Try to avoid the fire that occurs every few seconds.

Volunteer for the Hole

The warden also discovers that someone slipped into a Construction book in your cell block.

Malroth will volunteer and say that you did.

You will be thrown into the Hole and inside there is a huge monster.

Quickly, just find any cell to enter and avoid being hit.

Talk to the hammerhood

There is a hammerhood inside one of the cells. Talk to him.

The plan is to make friends with him and use his hammer to get out of Skelkatraz.

Upon leaving the Hole, you will see the chest containing the key to the cells in the Hole.

Make munchies monsters

Next, talk to the old woman. He will ask you to do more monster munchies.

You only need frogs and dry grass to create it.

You can find Frogstool near the farm where he planted the cabbage seeds. He is also in the space under his bed in the cell, on his way to the crematorium.

As for dry grass, it is practically everywhere. Cook them together in the pan in the old woman's place.

Make a hammer filled

To fool the guards, you need to make a hammer stuffing too.

This can be done using the carpenter's desk near where the old woman is.

You will need fiber and grass cord.

The cord can be found destroying the plant vine everywhere.

As for the grass fiber, go to the prison farm and destroy some of the fresh grass. They are the greenest.

Repair the watchtowers

Your next task is to repair the watchtower .

To do so, take some sand blocks under the tower. Go up and begin to mend the gaps.

When you need a view of the entrance to the Hole, talk to the other guard at the next watchtower as well.

Start mending the gaps as well.


Find a way to the Hole

Once you're done with the watchtowers, return to the farm and start talking to other prisoners.

They will know more about how to enter the Hole. [19659002]

How to get the blue print book

Also, you can get the blue print book of this type on the farm.

You can place the book near the first watchtower you built.

Go to the hole

Dig up your bed again and go on The limo.

He will guide you to the entrance of the hole. Be careful not to be seen by any skeleton guard on the road.

Otherwise, you will have to restart.

At one point, you can use the slime and jump even higher. It is better to sneak away from the guards from above.

If you can't cross, just build more blocks.

Hold the building blocks until you reach the area above the entrance of the Hole.

From above, dig through the only block of sand there and you will get a way to jump down.

Once you're down here, just stay behind the guard and take the key from the chest.

Meet the hammer

Now, go to the Hole and open the door of the hammer cell.

Next, he will attack you, so you must first defeat him.

Once again, use your monsters to make friends with the hammer.

Place the stuffed hammer inside the hammer cell to fool the guards.

[1945998] [19459984] 19659010] Now that you've rescued the hammer, return to your cell without being seen.

At this point, just watch the skeletal guards move. When you are looking the other way, start running.

At one time, you can go underground to sneak through all the guards.

Once you're near your cell, avoid the guard through the large hole in the wall.

Once you have returned to the cell, replace the sand blocks and the straw mattress.

On The next morning, the chief inspector came to his cell. I chose "no" but it probably doesn't matter.

Make a round sign

Then go to the old woman and make a poster resounding for the hammer to help you.

You can make at least 10 or 20 of them. Simply use fiber and grass cord.

Find a way out of Skelkatraz

The next morning, go down and rescue Malroth Place the sign on the softer wall.

Similarly, continue to do the same as you go. There will be a couple of walls to demolish.

On one of the walls, you will find a chest that gives you some antidote. [19659002]

Continue breaking walls. If you reach a dead end, simply break the wall to the side.

Finally, you will reach some muddy water. Get up from there.

Defeat the traveling corpse

You will meet a traveling corpse. Remove it.

Make friends with him using the munchies monsters. You will need all the help you can get.

Defeat the chief inspector

Continue walking until you meet the chief That blocks the road.

You will have to defeat him and his monsters.

Escape from Skelkatraz

You will recover your hammer once you have defeated the boss.

Break the wall.

Finally, return to your ship.

And that is the end of Skelkatraz in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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