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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Walkthrough And Guide

Malhalla is the last place you will visit before finishing the story in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

It is a kind of paradise for monsters but is about to be destroyed by Malroth and Hargon.

Here is a tutorial & guide of Malhalla in DQ Builders 2 .

 dq builders 2 - malhalla

Below is a table of contents to facilitate navigation.

Talk to the slime

Right after reaching Malhalla, you should talk to the drool that is trapped on the platform.

 dq builders 2 - malhalla guide

 dq builders 2 - Malhalla guide tips

Rescue other monsters

The next person talk to the monster skeleton (Griswold).

 dq builders 2 - malhalla quest

Once the skeleton joins you, talk to the monster inside the ditch. [19659018] dq builders 2 – malhalla search guide ” width=”800″ height=”450″ data-lazy-srcset=”https://mrguider.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1566288264_994_dragon-quest-builders-2-walkthrough-and-guide.jpg 800w, https://www.ordinaryreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/dq-builders-2-malhalla-quest-guide-300×169.jpg 300w, https://www.ordinaryreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/dq-builders-2-malhalla-quest-guide-768×432.jpg 768w, https://www.ordinaryreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/dq-builders-2-malhalla-quest-guide.jpg 960w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-lazy-src=”https://mrguider.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1566288264_994_dragon-quest-builders-2-walkthrough-and-guide.jpg”/>

Everyone will join your group. [19659002]

Follow Griswold

The skeleton will take you to a safe area. Continue until you reach a hiding place.

 dq builders 2 - tutorial by malhalla quest

Cook a vile vine

Gremville will request a snack. Grab those vile vines you see around Malhalla.

Cook vile vines at the stake in this hiding place. Give it to Gremville.

 dq builders 2 - wiki of malhalla quest

Investigate the noise

Then you will hear a robot sound. Talk to the robots to find out which one.

 dq 2 builders - malhalla search tips

Build an energizing station

To revive the robot, you need to build a power station energization.

You can get the pipes from the surrounding area.

 dq 2 builders - malhalla mission

Put yourself and you

 dq builders 2 - malhalla mission guide

Defeat the enemies

You will be attacked by the shadows. Defeat them all.

 dq builders 2 - Malhalla mission tutorial

The hiding place is also compromised.

Search for Hellen

Then you must look for Hellen, a priest of Hargon. Follow the skeleton and escape the area.

 dq builders 2 - wiki of the malhalla mission

To cross this great hole, build blocks on it.

 dq builders 2 - malhalla tutorial

Finally, you'll meet Hellen, but Griswold the skeleton fell into the abyss. However, it is not his last.

 dq builders 2 - malhalla travel guide

Light up the shelter

To light the place, you need to make torches on the workbench behind of the altar.

 dq builders 2 - malhalla what to do

While holding the torch, you can light the four sconces.

 builders of dq 2 - malhalla where to go

Build an air raid shelter

Your next job is to build a shelter by repairing the remains of it .

 dq builders 2 - malhalla wiki

Unfortunately, you must first prepare some ingredients.

Get claws, horns and scales

Hellen will help you if you can get some claws, horns and scales from Malroth.

 dq 2 builders - wiki and malhalla guide

Follow the location marked nearby.

 dq builders 2 - malhalla tips

You will reach the ingredients. The scales are just blocks.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla

The horns are on the bridge made of scales.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Guide

Finally, the terrible claws are at the bottom of the & # 39; bridge & # 39 ;. Everything is like a giant arm and the claws are the claws.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Guide Tips

You may want to get more from why you can turn them into ingredients.

Convert objects into building materials

Build a forbidden altar to convert these claws, horns and scales into building materials.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Quest

Simply place the droppings on the altar and transform them. You can build more altars if you want to speed things up.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Quest Guide

Complete the shelter

Once you have the ingredients, complete the shelter.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Quest Tutorial

Place a builder's bell

Next, make a builder's bell using the workbench. Place the bell on the designated platform.

 dragon quest builders 2 - malhalla quest wiki

Ring the bell to raise your base level and get more helper monsters.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Mission Malhalla

Build the lower structure of the ark

The plan is now to build a flying ark. The first part is the lower structure of the ark.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Mission Guide

Prepare a workspace

Then you need to prepare a workspace to allow monsters to help you to build

Creates a workbench and a warehouse. Place them in the designated areas.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Walkthrough

Stores 50 iron blocks and walls of spaceships

To enable monsters to start building, first you must make 50 blocks of iron and 50 walls of spaceships.

Place them in the storage bay and they will begin to build.

 dragon quest builders 2 - malhalla guide tutorial

  dragon quest builders 2 - malhalla wiki

Defeat the enemies

Then you will be interrupted by more enemies in the shadow. Defeat them all.

Everyone is quite weak.

 dragon quest builders 2 - malhalla wiki and guide

You will get a new team every time there is a great battle For the first round, you will get a new shield .

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Malhalla Tips

Repair the robot

The robot the monster is injured after the fight.

Repair first by building air vents at the workbench first. Use the vents to fix it.

 dragon mission builders 2 - malhalla what to do

Build a basic buggy

Next, you need to build a buggy.

Monsters can't help you build the buggy. You will have to do it yourself.

Simply make the materials using the workbench and place them according to your plan.

Recruit more monsters

Once the buggy is completed, you can recruit monsters to build the ark.

The first group is The limos. They will join you.

Find Zebadee

Then you must get the other priest to join you. The location of the Chaos Court is shown on the map.

Before you can reach the Court of Chaos, Talk to this monster.

The monster will join you and guide you to the place.

You have to keep driving through the huge vortex orbs and other claw attacks.

Finally, you will reach the Court of Chaos. Talk to Zebadee.

Once you're there, mention something about the items behind the wall. Destroy the wall

Inside, you will find many chests. Open them all and you will get many ingredients, including manky meat.

A passion for crushing

The next person you need to recruit is shown in the next map

You will see this muscular monster here.

He will give you some bombs. Use it to open the wall. Enter with him.

Get horns and teeth

Inside, you'll find huge horns, upper teeth Titanic and large and bad lower teeth.

You can use the bombs on them and loot the elements.

These elements can be converted into building materials. Take everything you can.

Defeat the shadow

After looting the materials, a monster appears shadow.

Defeat him.

The Immortal Corps

The next group you need to recruit is called Immortal. Your location is shown below.

You will see this skeleton here. Talk to him and he will tell you that he convinces the other skeletons.

Climb the platform and you will find a skeleton here. To reach it, build blocks through.

There is also another skeleton much higher.

The last skeleton is all the way down . You can see it from above.

It turns out that it is Griswold, who apparently died after falling into the abyss.

The Silva sisters

Next, you need the Silva sisters to join you . Your location is also shown.

Talk to this monster.

You must rescue the other monster from inside the cave. It's totally dark inside, even if you have a torch.

Just talk to her and get out again.

Once you have rescued all of them, return to your base.

Build the ark

Back at the base, you'll have a new plan for the ark.

As usual, build the blocks and other materials first.

Place them in the storage bay and the monsters will do the rest.

Build an invocation chamber

To make it easier for you, build an invocation chamber using the altar room.

Simply place the statues, sinister sconces, storage bay and the forbidden altar inside. The invocation chamber is complete.

These monsters will then convert the droppings into building materials.

Create a spooky greenhouse

You also need to build a spooky greenhouse.

You can use the small room on your right.

To get the flowers, just grab them from outside your base.

You only need 2 poxgloves in bloom and 4 poxgloves in bloom.

Also, remember to place a storage bay inside. The spooky greenhouse is now complete.

Make a bloody spit

Another job is to build a bloody spit. You need a storage bay, a barbecue and a fleshy swampy mountain.

This time, you can use the room to your left. Making the fleshy swampy mountain is more difficult. You can find frogs outside.

Manky meat can be found in the previous missions or in the werewolves of the shadows. Place the meat, toad and vines on the barbecue and cook it.

You will get a goregesbord.

Use the infernal workbench to create a fleshy swampy mountain with the goregesbord and other ingredients.

Place it on the floor and the little bloody grill house will be ready. Remember to put the storage bay too.

Defeat the enemies

Once again, enemies will appear.

Along with the rest, defeat all enemies. You don't really need to attack much.

Find huge eyeballs

Next, you must feed huge eyeballs The buggy and other things.

The location is provided below.

Once again, use the buggy and power through the vortices.

Go back to the cave where you found the crushing monster.

Continue until you reach this dragon. Talk to him.

He will tell you that the eyeballs are in the water.

Go to the huge red waterfall in the middle. Jump to him.

You will find the huge eyeballs inside, at the exact location marked on the map.

Grab 5 eyeballs. The scales are optional.

Make an improved garage

After obtaining the eyeballs, you must update the buggy.

Once again, you must do it yourself.

Once done, the buggy now has headlights. These headlights are excellent for black tone areas.

Find a captain for the ark

Go to the world between worlds to look for an ark captain. The location is provided as usual.

Go through the black area where you rescued a monster before.

Continue until you encounter this skeleton.

He is actually the captain of the ship you met just at the beginning of DQ Builders 2. He disappeared when the ship sank.

Defeat the enemy (claw)

The giant claw of Malr appears .

This time, you have to defeat the claw. Just get close and hit it. They may not hit you at all if you stop in the right place.

Take the Hargon banner

Take the Haruf standard.

Once you have placed the huge eyeballs

Place the huge eyeballs in the ark engine.

] Place the banner

Then, place the Hargon banner wherever you want.

Once again defeat the enemy

once the ark is ready you will face again a wave of enemies.

Complete the buggy

The robot dies after the battle. Use your hammer and destroy it.

You will get the heart of the robot.

Use your heart in the stroller and finally it will be complete and able to fly.

Break the magic barrier

You must first destroy the Hargon Castle the barrier.

Three Madusas hold it in the shade.

The 3 locations are shown on the map.

Fly high and use your buggy lasers to kill Madusas shadows.

Do the same for the other 2 areas as well.

The magic barrier is gone.

Land at Hargon Castle

Go to Hargon Castle and you will meet the hairy hermit again.

Land the buggy near him. Talk to him.

Find Malroth

Now, go down without following the sconces. All the way you will have these sconces.

First you'll find a cyclops. Just ignore it and skip the wave attacks.

Continue until you find this second monster. Again, just avoid it. You do not need to attack any of these shadows.

For the third monster, you just have to swim underneath to avoid it. [19659002]

Finally, you'll meet Hargon.

Defeat Malroth weak [1965] [1965] because he is still influenced by the good Malroth within him.

Only attacks and prevents their attacks.

After defeating Malroth, you can move like Malroth for a while.

Follow the light.

Once the good Malroth is back, the true form of the Lord of Destruction appears, and is much stronger without the influence of Malroth .

Both are called Malroth, which is confusing.

Find the builder

After you explode the place, you will control Maloth a time.

Look for the builder.

After meeting him, you should make a medicinal herb.

Just take the nearby leaf and use the wooden workbench to create a medicinal herb.

Defeat Malroth (final boss)

Now you're back as a builder and you need to defeat Malroth in his true form.


. Keep shooting and avoid attacks.

Don't worry about dying, since you'll end up with a minimum of 1 HP.

Just try to avoid attacks as much as possible going up / down and left / right.

During the battle, you will get a blasters with errors.

Continue fighting until the next big event.

Then you will get your own Kazapple cannon. At this point, keep using the cannon when it is vulnerable.

But don't send it. If it is blocking your attack, then switch to normal blasters .

Once Malroth is preparing to attack you, use the cannon before he can.

It will become vulnerable and you can use the cannon again. Malroth will start blocking after the second hit.

Once he does, use normal blasters again and fire the cannon when Malroth charges his attack.

Continue until you win.

Follow Lulu

After the battle, you will return to the Island of Awakening , but it's completely dark.

Follow Lulu to the top.

Finally, Malroth and the builder will join forces to build a new world.

The story of Dragon Quest Builders 2 ends here, but you can continue building as you want in a new world.

That is the end of Malhalla.

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