Dragon Quest Builders 2 Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to the popular sandbox game Dragon Quest Builders.

Once again, this game has lived up to expectations and is fun to play even in single player mode.

You need to find diamonds when you have arrived in Khrumbul-Dun.

This is how you can find diamonds in Dragon Quest Builders 2 .

 how to find diamonds - dqb2

The request to find diamonds only arises when you have almost completed the Gold Bar in Khrumbul-Dun.

Blow the echo flute

The first thing to do is blow the echo flute in the Gold Bar area.

 how to get diamond - dqb2 [19659011] how to get diamond - dqb2

You will be taken to another area right at your base. Follow the rest.

Goldirox will make a large hole in the ground that leads directly to the core.

 how to find diamonds in the dragon mission builders 2

Jump into the hole and continue using your windbreaker to soften the fall. The windbreaker will continue to be destroyed due to heat, but you can continue using it many times.

It passes through magma

The longest part to find diamonds is this part. You have to go through the magma.

First, once you've reached the bottom, just follow the path that is not covered with magma.

Go to the end and you will have to walk a large circle / turn to the other side. You know you are on the right track if you see the sign at the end of the route.

 Dragon Quest Builders 2 - diamond location

There is a water pond nearby if you need it. Simply use your bottomless pot and start pouring water into the magma .

This will lead to the formation of blocks of land. Open a new path as you continue to pour water.

 how to pass magma in dqb2

Continue until you reach the first Naviglobe.

 how to look for diamonds - builders dq 2

After the Naviglobe, continue pouring water to make new roads. Eventually you will meet this green monster and some other monsters.

 dq builders 2 diamond location

After defeating them, continue pouring water. You will know where to pour water looking at the “torches” or & # 39; braseros & # 39; individual that you see stranded in magma.

This is how you know where you should go.

then reaches a higher area where magma is lower. You can simply put some blocks to cross.

 dragon quest builders 2 diamond wiki

Continue until you reach the second Naviglobe.

 dq builders 2 diamonds

Defeat the monsters

After the second Naviglobe, you will reach a temple.

There will be some Hargon Children here. Defeat them all first.

 how to get diamonds - dragon mission builders II

Find the diamonds

After beating the Hargon Children, blow the flute Echo again. Follow the white musical notes.

They will take you to the back of the magma fall, which is behind the temple.

 dqb2 diamonds

Start breaking the walls until you reach the room full of diamonds.

Extract at least 10 of these diamonds and bring them back to the city.

 how to find diamonds in dqb2

And this is how you can find diamonds in DQ Builders 2.

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