Dragon Nest M Guide Tips Game Cheats 2018

Dragon Nest M Guide Tips Game Cheats 2018

Dragon Nest M is a new 3D MMORPG for Android Dragon Nest M Guide Tips Game Cheats 2018 fighting enemies in Story mode and fighting against other players in PvP. Check out the Dragon Nest M guides, tips and cheats to become a strong character. Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Cleric, Scholar, Assassin.

Dragon Nest M is finally available for mobile devices. This new 3D MMORPG offers cool character classes, over 70 skills, gears, lots of character costumes, and action-packed game modes. This article covers everything you need to know as a beginner. Dragon Nest M Guide and Dragon Nest M Tips, Tricks Increase your combat power and defeat your enemies in the same mode as the professional class player!

Start-Base-Dragon Nest M

As usual, this game starts with a tutorial about learning Dragon Nest M’s Basics. You must select a character class before starting the tutorial. Each character’s stats, weapons, and skills are different. There are currently six characters in the Dragon Nest M game. Assassin, Scholar, Cleric, Wizard, Archer, Warrior. Read the class / character guide below to learn how to change or switch classes at Dragon Nest M.

This tutorial covers combat controls. Character moving method, technique casting method, avoidance, boss technique, etc. When you start the game, you can complete the story line quest and play the game in adventure mode.

As the game progresses, new features, stadiums, guilds, abyss, technical features, creations, gears, fairies, and more are unlocked.

The Basic – Your goal in Dragon Nest M is to defeat monsters in adventure mode, increase your character’s strength, and rank your leaderboards through the game. PvP mode. This game has a lot of content. Do not blindly spend on in-game calls. Dragon Nest M Guide and Dragon Nest M Tips, Tricks

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# 1.) Character Class Guide

As mentioned above, before entering the game The first step in Dragon Nest M is to select a character class. Six graded characters are: –

The biggest feature of a warrior is that it can move quickly, which helps avoid enemy attacks. He also deals well with damage. Attack Type – Melee Attack.

Archer is one of the best characters to appear in Dragon Nest M games. She can attack in range, and the power of damage is excellent. I encourage you to choose Archer.

Dragon Nest is one of M.’s other characters.

Priest is a defensive type character. He can cure his teammates, but he can not deal well with the damage. Attack type – Melee.

Academic – Attack Type Scope Attack. Good in -> Summons pets to help in battle.

Assassin is the best class in this game and deals well with damage.  <img class= When you reach level 15 and level 45, you can customize your character as an auxiliary class and a local class, respectively. Archer -> Sharpshooter or Acrobat

  • Archer -> Mysticist or Epicenter
  • Cleric -> Paladin or Cleric
  • Academic -> Engineer or Alchemist
  • Assassin – > Shinobi or Taoist


You can preview the technology before specializing. Tap the preview button and play the preview. Accept the trial before previewing and test your skills in combat. Choose the intermediate class wisely

# 2.) How to change a class or switch to another character

You can change a class or switch to another character. But you will have to start from scratch. For example; You choose the Warrior class at first but now I want to switch to Archer. It is possible. However, the game starts at level 1. You can switch back to the previous character at any time. Here’s how. –

From the main screen -> Press the avatar in the upper left of the screen. When the Settings menu opens, click the switch character option in the lower right corner of the -> Privacy -> Settings window. Select a class -> Enter a name -> Create a character -> Start from the beginning. You can switch back to the previous character. Just

# 3) Practice Guide

When you select a class from Dragon Nest M or create a character and complete the tutorial, you will see it in the fort. You can start your adventure by tapping Quests in the top left corner just below the avatar icon. Most features and modes are locked when you start the game and you need to complete enough story line quests to unlock this mode. Complete the quest and defeat the monster in adventure mode.

# 4.) Skill Guide

Skill function will be released after a certain level. You can access it by tapping the Skill Options at the bottom right of the screen.

There are three types of skills. –

You can learn skills using skill points. How to earn skill points? You gain skill points during level-up.

Active skill – Manual skills are solved manually in battle.

Technical Support -> Dragon Nest M can improve your character’s performance through technical support. For example; Avoid, and instant recovery. Buff Skill

Buff Skill – You can give a bonus to your character by using the buff skill. For example; Increases the ATK of both you and your teammates for 120 seconds.

You can improve your skill stats by upgrading your skill stats using your skill points.

# 5.) Character – Dragon Nest M Guide

Character Costume: – You can get a character’s costume from a reward or shop. Equip your costume to improve your character’s character. You can purchase items such as hats, gloves, and shoes using dress pieces. Tap the Shopping mall icon in the top right corner of the main screen and go to Shopping tab -> Personal store -> Purchase.

Title -> Properties / titles can be activated to complete certain conditions. Activate the attribute to increase the character’s stats. For example; Fatal attack, HP, Attack and so on. Go to the information of the character -> title -> normal / dungeon / or more -> Completion condition -> Activate after completing the attribute.

You can equip your equipment to increase your character’s strength. Read more about the gear guide below. Dragon Nest M Guide

 Dragon Nest M When you reach level 7, you can place a fairy. Fairies can help you in battle. Summon and place fairies using fairy eggs. Different elves have different levels of skill and quality. Placing a fairy increases your blood pressure. You can raise a fairy by feeding. Tap the food bag icon and select the type of food (rice balls, party cake, etc.). The best fairy-dragon nest M

The fairies are classified into the following categories:

  • S grade
  • A grade
  • B grade
  • Super grade fairies by grade: –
  1. Lucky Jay
  2. ] Gentle Swan
  3. Ultimate Belle Cudd
  4. High Geraint
  5. Guardian Mina
  6. Cold Agent
  7. Tail Blue Crystal
  8. Violent Velzkhud
  9. Spirit Pumpkin
  10. Innocent Lona

# 8.) Crafting – Dragon Nest M Guide

Crafting is one of the main tasks of the Dragon Nest M game. Gear obtained in Story Line mode is of low quality, so you can make high quality gear here. To improve your character’s BP, you need to create the best equipment. This feature is locked at game startup. When you reach a certain level, you can access it. To make gears, you need to make materials and coins. Coins can be won or rewarded in battle.

Click the ingredients icon to learn how to get craft materials. Then click “Go”. If you have enough material and coins, make the equipment. After that, go to the character section -> gear -> gear. Before you do handicraft, check the statistics of the gear and compare it with the mounted gear;


  • B
  • C
  • C

To check the tap rating, touch the gear wheel icon. Improve gears to improve performance. To improve, coins are needed and materials need to be improved. You can build your equipment by visiting the Authoring tab. How to collect craft materials

  • Take a tour of abyss / nests / dragon liers to collect gear craft materials
  • Participate in advanced rush events to get Heraldry craft materials

Dragon Nest M Guide For beginners . Dragon Nest M Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

It’s faster and more powerful.

It is very easy at first to get three stars in battle. However, if you play with poorer and poorer characters later in the game, you will face more problems. So it’s a good idea to choose the right class from scratch. I think Archer class is great [attacks from a distance, deals more damage]. However, you can test each class. If you want to know how to switch characters, read the Character Class Guide above.

# 2.) Abyss

 Dragon Nest M As you know, most of the features are as follows. It was locked at the start of the game. To unlock this mode, you must raise the level. EXP is required to level up. In Dragon Nest M, one of the best ways to get a huge amount of EXP is in Abyssal mode. The differences are as follows: –

  • EXP Reward on the Main Quest – 600EXP
  • EXP EXP on the Abyss – 1440 Experience

Repeat the level of the Abyss to get more EXP.

# 3.) Get free gold, stamina. Dragon Coin

Claim your free reward by moving the benefits option (top right) to the tab -> next tab in the upper right hand corner of the main screen. Log in with a gold chest and daily stamina.

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# 4). Follow the recommended guidelines to make them stronger

when confusing; Select the target (s) to upgrade, crafts, improvements, and then tap the Toughen option (top right of the screen) -> Strong -> Follow the recommended upgrade. (19659019) Reach the

  • (19659020) Fairy Batch and Fairy Upgrade
  • All Grades
  • Gear Production and Equipment
  • Unlock the Titles [Read the Character Guide for more information] Raise the character’s level to raise it.


# 5.) Level 15, make it as fast as 45, and specialize in Archer and Glory. Receive free costume items and other rewards through routine events and activities

On the bottom right of the home screen, click the Daily option and check the quests. Complete them and you can make debris, dress items, grade items and much more.

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# 6.) Choose a 3D Mode View

View the mode for a better combat experience. Tap the avatar icon -> Camera – on the main screen.

 Dragon Nest M Take a look around these breasts in adventure mode while exploring the abyss.

# 7.) Find the treasure chest. This box includes rewards such as gold coins. (19659077) # 8.) Join the guild and run in the arena

You can buy useful items using the Glory Points (you can earn points by winning in Arena mode). Guild Points (acquired by joining the guild). When you go to the shopping mall, you can exchange useful items such as goods, costumes, and chests.

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. Nest M cheats, tips and guides for Dragon Beginners . Download the Dragon Nest M for Android – Here (Google Play Store) Also – Best addicting games for Android


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