Developers Can Now Add Tags to their Apps on the Play Store

Google Play Store hosts more than 2.5 million applications of different genres, different publishers and different price tags. They are organized into categories based on these same factors to make it easier for users to search for new applications. However, Google is looking to improve visibility for application developers and better search results for Android users.

Google has now presented to developers the ability to add tags, up to five of them, to their applications through the Play Console . It is an extension of the category function and will only help refine the location and discovery of applications through Google Play. Tags, which can be a single word or phrase, will help determine where the application appears. In addition, it will help Play Store to know which applications to use along with it.

“Add tags to your application to help Google understand its content and functionality. Tags can affect where your application is displayed on Google Play and the peer groups with which it is compared, " says Play Console. Google presents" suggested tags "that relate to your application, but if can't find the one you are looking for in the suggestion, you can choose one of the 150 tags that Google has included in the previous list for you

  Google Play Store console
Image courtesy of: 9to5Google

To add tags to your Android application, simply open that application in the Play Console and from the menu on the left side, you need to navigate to Presence Store> Store List. Here you will find a Categorization option, where you can choose the type of application, the category and add tags, all at the same time.

However, Google emphasizes the fact that you must choose the most relevant labels for your applications . You should not choose random tags and those that are already selected should be changed when you make important changes to the content or functionality of your application. The tag function began to be implemented for developers, so if you don't see it immediately, it should be available within the week.

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