Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review: A Worthy Tribute

Call of Duty has been in odd places over how the game has fallen over the years. Gamers around the world have been constantly recalling how CoD is no longer the same and a number of complaints. Infinity Ward has promised us the arc of redemption and is now here in the form of a Call of Duty Modern Warfare. But does it fit the gloves of the redemption game?

Modern Warfare is the latest effort to return to Activision Blizzard's most popular work and activate the Call of Duty franchise. This meant reviving a series that once ended in a trilogy. Yes, of course, the modern war trio is mentioned.

So this is a continuation, not a kind of reboot. It certainly felt that way, because it is undoubtedly another Modern Warfare game. I speak in a way that means if you are a fan of the original trilogy you will definitely like this game too.

What's noteworthy in this Call of Duty title is that the game reverts to not punching in terms of controversial or sensitive media. If you are wondering when Call of Duty participated in censorship, Nazi Zombies are now called Call of Duty Zombies.

Modern warfare brings the Call of Duty back to the roots of a solid, highly based realism. No more jumping jets, wall running and flying exosuits of any kind. Started a mock war on the ground.

This return is further enhanced by developing games using the new engine. Finally, we removed the old CoD stigma of every single game.

The engine gave Infinity Ward a really good reputation because Call of Duty didn't feel this way in the past.

The smoothness of every movement, the amazing sound design, the cool ambience, and most importantly the weight and feel of the shot were fired from all the guns. It's amazing

Since the last game, Black Ops 4, let's talk about the campaign first. Modern warfare gives us the old nostalgia that the war begins again with the captain price.

It works the same way that past campaigns perform various missions with occasional kicks at nut moments outside of script cutscenes and mediocre gameplay.

Do you know what I mean? Things like No Russian in Modern Warfare 2. When video games were actually irregular and meant something when the age rating actually acted as a barrier. Is there a moment in modern warfare?

Yes, but do not explain the other important parts of the game. Even this is something you can skip reading if you want to go game blind.

In essence, one of the campaign missions actually has a moment to play from the perspective of a child civilian. The person who has just seen life flashes in her eyes. Now you need to find the soldiers who are playing her role and your control is diverted.

It's a moment you missed in previous Call of Duty games since a new wave of sensitive media took over the gaming industry.

In addition, modern warfare also occurs in urban suburbs and sometimes in rural areas. For example, there are a lot of home invasions that are familiar when playing Rainbow Six.

In Modern Warfare's campaign, a lot of anxiety is actually looking for an enemy rather than a real shooting. It was sometimes up to you to care about what the face you see piled up where you could shoot at you.

As I mentioned earlier, but like to explain in detail, the trajectory of this game is crazy. One thing about the Call of Duty on the battlefield was that the trajectory was better because the COD gun felt like a blood shooter, but this game actually triggered a shootout.

This time, the reality of bullet drop and street damage drop was better managed.

The animations when running, ducking, hiding or diving are also really good and you can see both first person and other player models. The acting of characters like Price was well enough that every cutscene in the game sold itself as a war movie.

The controversy of the game (except for obvious violence) is mostly in the political view of the game I think. No real name or faction title is used, but it is clear how parody is parodyed and who is referenced.

It doesn't bother me personally and shouldn't bother anyone who wants a rough gaming experience. Prejudice will be biased in the game because it is difficult to make it real without dealing with real problems and the game is American. However, the campaign included scenes where players felt as if they were truly dancing on a moral gray line.

Multiplayer in the game can best be explained by returning to the Call of Duty before the wave of futurism. In this game, you've got the shotgun, the camper, the Quicks Copper, and all the modern war camps you can think of, streaking around the map corners and killing them.

The new 2v2 game mode is a welcome surprise due to its fast paced duel like an ongoing atmosphere. This game is a blast to play with your friends.

Camping has always disappeared over time. One of 10 years ago since 2010, which was actually a major part (original) of modern warfare. In fact, in the new modern war, it has come back to the fact that for a long time gamers are experiencing PTSD and new blood is experiencing a horror-only horror. The maze-shaped layout of each map actually sets up a camp so people can easily kill around a short corner.

Of course, players have camping protection. In fact, I enjoy the extent to which I can actually customize my experience with various perks and tool kits, such as the Scout Drone or the Heartbeat Sensor. It also has the ability to reminiscent of Siege's Caveira. This includes a short sprint of complete silence that can sneak around the corners.

By the way, there are two types of camping, the other did not mention spawn camp. This practice is set up until the enemy is away from the player's spawn to shoot the moment the enemy exists.

This creates a very annoying map design in several areas where one team can be completely helpless by another team's spawn camping.

The total of multiplayer can also be customized in almost all components. Sights, stocks, barrels, magazines and more. It can be utilized for personalized touches with a character system that allows several different beauty skins.

Other than that, the pacing is good, and so far the game modes are sufficiently varied and TTK is also appropriate. Especially in realism mode.

The only major drawback with Modern Warfare is that you can't play without an online connection. What Infinity Ward expects is that at some point he decides to wrap or patch. Other than that, it supports people's cross-platform play on other consoles and devices.

If you're a Modern Warfare fan who doesn't mind leaking real politics to a video game, this game is for you.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on, Activision Blizzard's own client.