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A few days ago, I published a guide for beginners (check here) to help me understand the mechanics of the game, such as technology, gear, and so on. In today’s post we will share some boxing star tips, trick tricks and strategy guides . Beginners can maintain seasonal rankings or shoot down powerful enemies in the most powerful way possible. Boxing Star Tips & Tricks, trick : –

Read our Boxing Star Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to defeat leaders and fierce fighters in boxing matches. Tips and Skills Check Now

# 1.)

There are two options after the tutorial on boxing star games. Story Mode and League Mode. It’s a good idea to focus on Story Mode at first because completing Chapters in Story mode is one of the best ways to reward gear and increase your character’s stats and levels.

# 2) Read the enemy’s movement.

In boxing star games, you can easily defeat powerful enemies with more HP than you can. Way? Analyze your workout and avoid it in a timely manner. There are two avoidance buttons at the corner of the screen (bottom left and right). When you see an enemy attack, press the Dodge button at the right time and perform an uppercut shot if you have successfully escaped. You must read the enemy’s movements in order to avoid them at the right time.

# 3.) Press the long button to restore HP and create a shield

There is a defensive icon in the lower left corner. screen. Holding the icon long enough will block the enemy’s attack. If HP is low, your character’s HP also increases. So hold on to that icon in battle. Here you can learn about the controls.

Khari is another character in the Boxing Star game.

# 5. The main task of training is training, and in return, you get skill points. Go to Menu -> Skills -> Training -> Start training. After a certain number of sessions, you must renew your contract with enough Victory Points (League Mode). Once you are good enough, you will be able to hire it again to exchange coins.

# 6.) Equip and upgrade skills

I have already shared a detailed guide to the skill and how to upgrade the skill. Last post (check here). And that is one of the important steps. There are three types of skills that can be activated in combat. Jab, Hook and Uppercut. Jab movement activates the Jab skill. Similarly, you need to perform these two actions in combat to enable hook and uppercut skills. Upgrading technology increases activation and effectiveness.

You can improve your attacks and special skills with the same skills and attitude. Grade Up The Gears

As you advance to a higher level of league, you will find a powerful enemy They will be dealing with each other, and it will be difficult to shoot them down due to poor quality gear. Upgrade your gear and reach the maximum level. When you reach the maximum level, you are graded and the grade is increased, which means that the gear statistics increase tremendously. Read the gear guide here. Analyze the strength of all gears and equip them with the best gear.

# 8.) Get the parts through the daily deal

Parts are needed to rate the gear. This part can be obtained from a pack (League mode to get a league pack) and a daily deal. Go to Menu -> Stores -> Rotate to see a list of the items being sold. Write a coin and get these things.

# 9.) Win the win and open the win package

Defeat the other players around the world and win a victory point. Once you get enough points, go to the main screen -> on the right you have the option of winning packages. Tap it and open the winning package to get gears, parts, coins and more. Use replica gear as a material and upgrade high quality gear.

# 10.) Share and connect to Facebook

Gaining a tremendous victory gives you the opportunity to win a gold medal in the game. Sharing valuable items in boxing star games) on Facebook. Ask for compensation without missing this opportunity. Connect the game to the FB account for the gold medal. To get rewarded, go to the bottom right menu and click the Inbox / Default icon. Also, try the best action game for Android

# 11). Double your rewards while watching short video ads.

Sometimes after winning, you get this option. Let video ads double your rewards. Sometimes when your health is not good, you can see your video ad and increase your character’s HP. Do not miss the opportunity to fill the treasure.

# 12.) S toss coin and send S coin

S coin to increase daily rental income, reduce delivery time, and get more bonus. Go to Menu -> Personalization -> Purchase item and activate hatching. You can earn an S coin at the promoter battle (the promoter option is displayed on the main screen when you qualify). Or complete the achievement.

# 13.) Open Swap Box

The swap box contains gloves, protective gear and coins. Join the clan and donate a low quality donation. Fill the box to fill the heart gauge.

Well, there are very few opportunities to get rare or rare Omega equipment for free. If you have already registered your game, check your inbox and you have uncommon equipment. Do not forget to check the guide here.

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