Big Capitalist Guide, Tips, Cheats 2019 Strategy To Become Rich

The Big Capitalist is a new idle cracker game for Android devices created by Broken Reality. Big Capitalist Learn how to quickly become rich at lunch with guides, tips, cheats, and strategies, and quickly unlock angler guides and new locations.

Big Capitalist Guide, Tips, Cheats, Strategy To Become Rich | MrGuider

The Big Capitalist is a new business simulation idle game for mobile devices. Operate businesses such as petroleum factories, poultry farms, restaurants, iron ore, pharmaceutical groups and banks. The goal of this game is to set up business moguls in various countries. All you need to do is grow your business and quickly accomplish this task using our cheats, tips and strategies. In this post we have covered everything we need to know about the game. Big Capitalist Guide, Tips, Cheat and Strategy Become richer in minutes.

The Begin – Getting Started – The Big Capitalist

Before moving on to the guide, learn tips, cheat areas, and the basics of the game. The Big Capitalist is an idle game and should be upgraded. As you progress through the game, new features like angles, gold, and more are unlocked. You start your first empire in America. There are currently three locations in this game. America, Africa and Europe. It takes $ 100 million to explain Africa. And it takes a hundred thousand dollars to open Europe.

The Big Capitalist game also offers an event. By participating in these events, you’ll earn more. Start the Big Capitalist guide and then call our The Big Capitalist Tips, Tricks, and Strategies .

The Big Capitalist Guide

In this section we describe how to draw gold coins, multipliers, managers, upgrades, new locations and events.

 The Big Capitalist As you know, you have to make money from a particular business. . You can hire an administrator to automate your tasks. For example; Hire a John to automate an oil plant. D. Provide $ 10 billion to Rockefeller.

In addition to automatic tasks, this administrator can reduce the cost of upgrades. For example; The iron ore upgrade or expansion cost is $ 1,03,680. You can reduce this cost by 10% by hiring a manager. Hire managers to reduce costs.

How do I hire a manager? Menu -> Administrators -> Check the roles of the manager and hire them.

You can increase your profits by buying these upgrades in Big Capitalist games. For example, you earn $ 4 Billion per second at a clothing store, which means you can triple your profits with a clothing store upgrade and increase your profits from $ 4 billion to $ 12 billion.

Tap menu -> Upgrade -> Please check upgrade information and purchase. To use this feature like a pro, read the Big Capital Help, Cheat and Strategy Guide below!

Angles are like investors! They can increase your profits in every business. However, to use the Angle feature, you must drag them first.

How to draw an angle from a big capitalist game

It’s easy! You just have to make more money. Just reach a good state. Upgrade all your business, buy upgrades, and hire managers. The overall performance of the current business determines the number of angles.

How to use the angle

Tap the angle icon at the top of the screen. Then some data is displayed. Present and backstage. The current step displays the current profit scale. Behind the stage you will see the profit multiplier you get after claiming the angle.

With this feature, angle and profit magnification are applied. Profit multiplier increases your income. You can also use Angles to hire managers and purchase advanced upgrades. See the picture below: –  The Big Capitalist

Current steps: -> number of angles; 391. Profit multiplier -> 8 *. If I insist on angle; 325 Angles + 15 * profit multiplier.

But with this feature, you have to start the game from the beginning. You can, however, use diamonds to maintain your current business, but if not, you should sacrifice all of your business for this preference.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Way? For example, Big Capitalist Guide Cheats latest Strategy To Become Rich by Mr Guider info current profit magnification is zero. After claiming an angle and earning a 4 * profit multiplier, you will earn 4 times your income on every business the next time you start the game. As mentioned above, we now read the Big Capitalist Tips, Cheat & Strategy Guide and learn to use this feature like a pro! There are three locations in this game. America, Europe and Africa. Tap the globe icon to access it from your location. Unlock this location and start a new business.

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You can participate in the event and get profit. Just start a new business. Tap the globe icon at the bottom of the screen. Go to the Events tab and join the event.

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So this is a big capital guide for beginners. Let’s start with Big Capitalist’s tips, tricks and strategy guide.

The Big Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy guide

The first challenge, do not upgrade too much.

The first thing you need to do is unlock all the businesses in the game. And to speed up, here are a few tips: –

  • Do not upgrade your business too much. Waste. Start a new business as soon as possible. Reach the
  • level.
  • Hire managers and automate tasks
  • Purchase upgrades to triple your revenue

2) Double Boost Activate Double Cash [19659004] At the bottom of the screen Tap the TV icon and watch your video ad to activate Double Cash Add. This boost lasts for 4 hours. Within this period, you can earn twice your profits in every business. You can view other video ads and expand to the next 4 hours.

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3) Buy a Favorable Upgrade

The Big Capitalist Game, your goal is to make more money I will. And you can not get huge profits by expanding your low-return business. For example, the profits from the poultry business are very low compared to the profits from the oil companies. As soon as possible, unlock high-profit businesses and focus on upgrades.

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4) Get free diamonds in big capitalism game: – [19659004] There are many ways to get free diamonds in big capitalist games. –

  • Daily Spin -> Tap the spin icon in the upper left corner to view and rotate your video ad.
  • Tap Tap the Earth Options icon, then link FB Options -> Game to your FB account and request a free diamond.
  • Tap the bonus icon on the right side of the screen (this bonus occurs at regular intervals) if you have a diamond available;

Also attract and claim angles

  • Raise your angle by upgrading all your business and improving your stats.
  • Claim angle.

19659033] Use Angles to hire advanced managers and upgrades.

Note the following before requesting an angle: You will have to start from scratch. You can avoid resetting with diamonds.

Before you claim the angle, check the number of angles you are getting and the profit multiplier.  The Big Capitalist

If the ratio is good, I insist. If not, improve your current business and get more angle. This will increase the profit multiplier. Next time, you’ll make money from your business at this rate.

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So these are tricks, tips and strategy guides for Big Capitalist beginners. Keep following

Post updated on 21 may 2018

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