Best Mileage Apps for Small Businesses

Small business owners, including freelancers and solopreneurs, have several jobs: do the real job, manage the business and make sure that all systems are used to obtain the best income and tax advantages. If any part of your business requires driving, a good mileage tracking application is a must. Mileage trackers help you classify your driving destinations, help you save money, save money on your taxes and support you for reimbursements to your employers and contractors.

Mileage trackers not only track miles, they ideally record them in a tax-friendly format that you can use to increase your return, whether you make your own taxes or hire a professional. Mileage tracking applications are valuable tax assistants, considering that the IRS will allow you to deduct uncompensated miles driven by your work, which will save you money on your tax bill.

Some functions are automatic and using any automated service in these applications will save you time and effort while trying to gather accurate information about expenses and time reports. Many tracking applications work as commercial services and are not free, but for many small business people, the time and effort saved in collecting mileage and expense data is worth it.

Mileage tracking applications use GPS to track the movement of your car from one place to another; They often begin to record the distance when the wheels begin to move and stop if they are in a place for a certain time, something that can be set in the preferences. Mileage tracking is similar to how Google Maps tracks a car trip. Do not expect 100% accuracy, but a nearby stadium is extremely useful. It is a good idea to simultaneously track the mileage yourself with your own odometer, just to make sure your applications work properly. You also want to see the battery level of your smartphone as you use the applications.

Each company needs different types of mileage tracker services: some need solid ratings, while others need to add more notes and reminders about each trip. And that's where many of the available applications differ. These are some of the highly qualified mile tracking applications available for iOS and Android.

TripLog Mileage Tracker

TripLog automatically tracks miles every time you drive your car or fleet of vehicles. TripLog is designed for personal and business expense reports and automatically tracks deductible mileage, saving your business time and money and protecting you in the event of a government tax audit. It also provides 100% IRS compatible reports that you can use with all major accounting platforms. TripLog is highly customizable; You can register miles for specific times of the day or set up the tracker for business and personal trips. TripLog can track all vehicle and business expenses (fuel, parking, tolls, maintenance, insurance, registration, meals) that you can cite as business deductions. It allows you to capture photos of expense receipts and upload them to the cloud. You can automatically start the application tracker when it is plugged into a power source, or connected to a Bluetooth device and driving at more than 5 mph, or you can have the application start automatically at a set time. The application is compatible with companies with mobile employees, car fleets and truck fleets. A free 30-day trial is available.

iOS Android


Everlance puts the free in freelance, but also the benefit. It is aimed at solopreneurs, real estate agents, photographers, freelancers, general contractors, independent contractors, shared travel drivers, food delivery people and employees who need a refund. Everlance promises to make tracking your mileage and generating receipts for tax deductions or refunds simple, easy and free. Everlance automatically tracks your mileage using GPS: the application records your trips in the background and can manually slide the trips to the left or right to indicate that it is personal or commercial. Under the free plan, you can track an unlimited number of trips or receipts or you can upgrade to Everlance Premium and the application will automatically track your trips and transactions using your credit card and bank integration. The application calculates the commercial mileage, the start / end time of the trip and the value of the refund. Save a GPS mileage receipt for each trip that is backed up in the cloud. You can also load your paper receipts for food, supplies and other expenses.

iOS Android


MileIQ is a free mile tracking application that uses GPS-backed unit detection technology to automatically record and track miles, and calculate the value of your units for taxes or refunds. The application helps you organize your units for your business expenses and tax refunds, and separates business miles from personal ones. Provide the necessary reports to maximize your tax deductions and refunds. MileIQ automatically tracks your miles in the background so you don't have to manually register your miles or start and stop the registration and will create a compatible mileage record for you. The mileage tracker records all trips up to mile fractions without consuming too much battery. Mileage reports provide information for the IRS and include details you need for your business expense reports. Expense reports are simple: simply export your mileage tracking data or submit a spreadsheet with the data you need. To get a complete record of all your units, upgrade to MileIQ Premium for $ 6 per month or $ 60 per year.

iOS Android


Hurdlr, a business and mileage tracker aimed at small business owners, employees, independent contractors, freelancers, Uber or Lyft drivers, messengers and others offer a compendium of services to allow you to easily capture receipts and create expense reports. Hurdlr connects with banks, Uber, FreshBooks, Square, Stripe and PayPal to automatically import your income and expenses to facilitate tax calculations. The free version of the application presents expenses, income taxes and semi-automatic mileage tracking. The premium version has better automation features with a detailed business tax tracker for quarterly tax accounting. Hurdlr IRS mileage tracking helps 1099 taxpayers claim maximum tax deductions. The application allows you to export detailed expense reports with receipts and send them by email or to a tax specialist. Hurdlr provides real-time, year-end and quarterly tax estimates for independent contractors. Hurdlr is specifically designed to work without depleting the battery, even with intensive use. Premium features cost $ 8 per month or $ 60 per year.

iOS Android


SherpaShare is presented as the ideal application for Uber or Lyft drivers with a shared travel driver assistant that increases profits by 30% or more, with automatic tracking function mileage, expense tracking and smart driver tools that help you plan the best routes. The application is for shared travel drivers, delivery people, business travelers and freelancers. Automatically track all mileage using your phone's GPS without draining the battery, allows you to classify your trips, track and classify expenses, record trip details, back up information in the cloud and connect with other drivers for real-time traffic conditions. SherpaShare allows you to download a mile tracking spreadsheet or printable mile record so you can submit a tax return and a professional-looking expense report. The advanced application tracking technology is accurate and always active so you can benefit from the total miles recorded. A free 14-day trial version is available.

iOS Android


The MileWiz driving log captures every mile you drive, automatically. You can classify trips or tell the IRS compliant application how to classify trips for you, based on your work hours or the places you visit. The application is designed for freelancers, small businesses and small business employees. If you drive your personal car for business trips, you can track the reimbursement of your miles, gas, parking and tolls. The application automatically detects and registers the units, even if MileWiz does not start, and displays the route, distance and value of the unit on a map. You can use a swipe gesture to sort the units, add places you visit frequently, set up work hours for automatic recording, add or merge units, and track driving-related expenses. The application comes with predefined categories, but you can also create as many as you want and generate reports according to the criteria you want, such as the period of time, the driver, the vehicle, the labels or the category. Synchronize all your data between devices or simply save a backup in the cloud. MileWiz uses advanced algorithms, designed to limit the application's GPS usage to a minimum to conserve your smartphone's battery.

iOS Android

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