Best Heroes In Mobile Legends Adventure

Mobile Legends: Adventure is the last game released by the people behind Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The tradition and characters should be the same, and Adventure is updated with more heroes as the time comes.

There are many good heroes to choose from. Which is the best for your training?

These are some of the best heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure .

Keep in mind that having the best heroes in a team may not be the best option too. You have to think about the type of bonus, training, etc.

Better tanks in Mobile Legends Adventure

In front of your team, you will usually put some tank heroes to absorb most of the damage.

Here are some options you can consider:

[19659011] 1. Gatotkaca

  best tank in mobile legend adventure

Many have classified Gatotkaca as a First level hero and rightly so. It is one of the best tanks in the game, but it is still capable of inflicting great damage.

His maximum ability allows Gatotkaca to jump towards enemies that inflict damage several times his magical power (which is quite high).

This hero also has one of the highest HP in the game, which makes it suitable as a tank to absorb a lot of damage, while doing crowd control.

2. Lolita

  best mobile legend adventure of crowd control

Lolita can't be classified as an S-level heroine by some, but is capable enough to stand firm.

This little hero who wields a hammer has one of the highest HP in the game, with general statistics that are quite impressive.

His latest Noumenon explosion grants him a shield equivalent to a percentage of his base attack, and releases that damage once the shield is down.

The enemies will also be stunned, giving some time to put more DPS. Even as a tank whose abilities are mainly used to control crowds, she is quite good with her damage.

Best DPS hero

DPS means damage per second, and there are a couple of heroes that cause a great deal of damage, and it's hard to choose some.

These are some of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure only in terms of damage:

1. Lancelot

  best heroes in the mobile legend adventure

The first on the list is Lancelot, the hero who is known for doing incredible individual damage to opponents.

With his ultimate phantom Execution skill, Lancelot is capable of inflicting multiple times his physical damage to the opponent. In addition, it is invulnerable while using the ultimate skill.

This hero also has one of the highest base stats of physical damage, which makes the ultimate ability more deadly. Like Saber, Lancelot is able to go backwards or in the middle of the row to defeat the opponents behind.

It is especially useful if the enemy's healer is behind.

2. Alice

  strongest heroes in the adventure of mobile legends

Alice is the magical equivalent of Lancelot when It's about hurting. With an even greater physical attack, Alice is a force to consider.

His ultimate ability is quite deadly to opponents, since Alice is capable of inflicting magical damage to the heroes that are within her blood circle, while healing at the same time.

His passive is also quite perverse, and acquires blood energy every time he attacks an enemy. That blood energy is finally used to regain your health.

3. Chang'e

  most powerful heroes in the adventure of mobile legends

It is difficult to decide between Clint and Chang'e, but Chang this time takes the place. She easily has the highest amount of base magic damage among all heroes (more than Angela and Valir).

To top it off, its definitive meteor shower inflicts magic damage several times of its base damage to enemies.

If you have a shield on it, the duration of the maximum ability is prolonged and the magic damage increases even more.

Most of his attacks revolve on his energy shield. It is one of the best DPS heroines.

Best support hero

The last category would be support heroes. These support heroes are usually involved in healing or granting more defensive bonuses.

These are some of the best support / healing heroes:

1. These

  first level heroes in the mobile legend adventure

The top of the list is clearly Estes. He is known for being the best healer in the game, and for good reason.

His last blessing of the Moon Goddess is incredibly useful, as it heals most of the team members and also heals himself at the same time.

While Estes is really weak by himself, it's invaluable if you keep him alive while deploying your best DPS tanks and heroes.

This not only heals heroes, but also increases their critical rate when linked during battle.

2. Angela

  mobile legends adventure best support hero

Another support hero that is quite useful is Angela. This bunny-like android hero is good when you pair it with a powerful magic-based hero.

His maximum ability allows him to join the ally with superior magical power for seconds, while invulnerable.

You also get a higher magic power and a shield equivalent to several times the magic power of the ally during the process. This makes it quite difficult to kill after using the latter.

Angela is also able to release power from the heart, inflict considerable damage and heal the HP of the allies at the same time.

It is more a mixture of DPS healing, compared to Estes, which mostly only cures.

Simply put

There are many excellent heroes to choose from in Mobile Legends: Adventure. Despite being great, having them all in one team may not be appropriate at times.

You must look at the chemistry among the heroes before you can form the best team.

Think about the resonance of type counters. and training too.

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