Apple will let more independent repair shops buy ‘genuine’ iPhone parts

Apple will let more independent repair shops buy ‘genuine’ iPhone parts

Apple now allows you to purchase "genuine" iPhone parts and tools from more independent repair shops, allowing you to complete the repair in much the same way as the Apple Store. As Apple continues to halt repairs, this change may be helpful for iPhone owners, but parts prices can go higher as all parts pass through Apple.

Until now, independent repair shops had to be "authorized service providers" to obtain genuine parts from Apple. But the main reasons why you do not want to join a repair shop are: Apple must pay Apple to participate in the program and only complete authorized repairs such as motherboard .

Most legitimate repair shops in the United States must be able to purchase parts from Apple under new rules. Repair technicians must complete Apple training courses, but everything is free. Apple sells parts with tools, documentation, and diagnostic access for the same price you provided to an authorized service provider. Currently available only in the United States, Apple says it will eventually expand to other countries as well.

Apple said, “We only provide parts and tools for parts outside the most common warranty. Repair iPhone. ”This means replacing the battery and breaking the screen. For a more specific or complex repair, this store will still stay on its own. Unlike an authorized service provider, you do not need to send customers with other issues to Apple.

Fixit editor Kyle Wiens noted that the announcement was a "good thing" to repair, but ignored the individual. Apple who wants repairs can refuse the store of choice. iFixit writer Kevin Purdy called this a “bold move” and pointed out a previous leak that could show parts that could include speakers, vibrating motors, cameras, etc. But he also added that there is a risk of rising costs. Unfortunately, this is causing Apple customers to do their own repairs in the cold. If such a diagnosis is safe enough to provide to an independent technician, it should also be available to consumers!

— Kyle Wiens (@kwiens) August 29, 2019

Apple said that iFixit was previously unable to work at a reasonable price ($ 16- $ 33 for batteries) (Apple's I've seen a document that shows the price leading to a screen that is more expensive than its own screen recovery service). The extra cost for the parts comes with a warranty, but means higher repair costs. (Independent shops can set their own repair prices.)

“While going many ways towards the open repair market, higher prices can still weaken the incentives for all reputable repair companies and individuals. . Purdy said:

The program also talks about the problems facing repair shops. Apple is particularly active in preventing repairs by requiring certain tools or certified parts. For example, iFixit discovered earlier this month that Apple has started showing notifications to some iPhone owners by replacing a third-party battery that says it cannot validate a new battery. The phone still works with unauthorized parts, but Apple doesn't provide information about the battery's status.

Apple also lobbied for the right to repair invoices, allowing consumers and third party shops to easily replace parts.

Ultimately, even if Apple has opened the repair system, Apple is still in a position to make money by managing and repairing centrally.