Apple was a little behind on Siri privacy, now it’s way ahead

Apple was a little behind on Siri privacy, now it’s way ahead

24 hours have passed by default. Motion smoothing may stop on the TV by default. Fitbit really helps to create a virtual smartwatch virtually for Android users who desperately need it. And the best default is the default opt ​​out of Siri history.

Here is our story. Apple apologizes for recording Siri audio and announces future privacy changes. .

The main part of the story is that Apple apologized immediately. The apology is fully warranted and I would like to briefly explain why.

If you didn't follow all the drama around smart assistants that store voice on the server for people to hear you wrote earlier. this month. The main way Apple is better is to anonymize Siri's user data more aggressively. However, there is a limit to the anonymity for recording voice. Apple's slightly updated policy can be read here.

In fact, when managing managing data stored by Apple Siri actually didn't get worry in their privacy settings than Amazon or Google. For others, Apple would not have provided a portal for reviewing and deleting all voice recordings and conversations.

The only way to delete data was to simply turn off Siri and Voice Dictation, the biggest problem. It was too hard to turn off Siri. Since there was no single button, some ambiguous related settings were not easy to deselect. Google and Amazon are t angels, but privacy scandals and past history can be set up to do what at least when each secondary listening scandal hits.

Apple scrambled. Quit all human reviews and then tried to find a solution. Then let the company find out where you can expect. Before Others

Now there is a default opt-out for Siri recordings and a promise that third party contractors won't hear your voice. There is also a clear and simple button that allows you to switch the selection if you need help. Apple may not have had experience dealing with the privacy scandals needed to gain greater control over the data you store, but it's also a fast learner.

Amazon and Google should follow Apple's lead in default opt-out.

How Smart Assistant handles voice recordings

Question Alexa Siri Google Assistant
Question Alexa [19659014] Siri Google Assistant
Voice Are recordings saved by default? Yes No Yes
Can I use my recording without saving it? No Yes Yes
Can you delete this recording? Yes (with voice commands) Yes, not easy Yes
Are there any recordings associated with my account? Yes [19659022] No Yes

* Apple's settings take effect this fall. Until then, it doesn't save the voice recording at all.

Today's Another Big Tech Story

TV Makers Unite to Solve the Scourge of Motion Smoothing I'm a bit worried. Next step: The directors are forced to stop tracking and selling data watched by TV producers. Meanwhile, Jon Porter describes the features of the filmmaker mode.

The UHD Alliance, a set of companies working together to define display standards, has announced a new TV setting, Movie Maker Mode, designed to show movies intact. Mastering with little post-processing. The mode affects several settings such as frame rate, aspect ratio, overscan, and noise reduction, but the most important factor is to turn off motion smoothing.

Sony introduces ultra-fast A6600 and A6100 mirrorless cameras.

It's a completely different kind of camera, but I think there's a blogger who bought the RX100 VII because the RX100 VII has a mic jack, eye tracking autofocus, and a bit kicking right now. The details of Cameron Faulkner are as follows:

There are also real-time AF tracking and a new real-time eye tracking first introduced on the A6400, reviewed earlier this year. Sony added a 3.5mm headphone jack, its first Alpha series camera.

Fossil & # 39; Gen 5 & # 39; SmartWatch Review: Best Wear OS Situation

Fosil Carlisle will be fun to wear every day. That doesn't mean you have to buy it. For users outside of Samsung, it's a cleaner and more cumbersome software experience than the Galaxy Watch, but for the Wear OS, $ 295 is not a good investment. Qualcomm's 3100 processor is not the smartwatch savior we've been looking for.

Fitbit announces new Versa 2 smartwatches and affordable Aria Air smart scales.

This figure is just a few hours after posting a review for the Fossil Gen 5 Wear OS watch Fitbit announces Versa 2. Still not good for me, but personally better than photos. Fitbit also wants to do more with the software and the traditional "smartwatch" in addition to the fitness features. Android users have a really amazing choice when it comes to smartwatches.

Currently, we need to disclose this. Pixel 4 appears in photos leaked from Telegram.

Apple Music for Android Beta supports Chromecast. 9to5Google

Think about it for a minute. Apple is currently working harder to make great music apps on Android than Google.

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