Apple Spending $15 Milion Per Episode on Original Content for Apple TV+

The competition between video transmission services is expected to reach a crescendo with the launch of Apple TV +, Disney + and HBO Max in the coming months. While waiting for the imminent release, the owners, like Amazon and Netflix, are spending large amounts of money on original content, bigger stars and a more ostentatious production.

According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, most newer original programs spend between $ 8 million and $ 15 million per episode, which is significantly higher than the $ 4.5 million per episode budget for the episode. cult success of Netflix, & # 39; House of cards & # 39; .

Meanwhile, an upcoming Apple TV + show, in particular, is being filmed in an amazing $ 15 million per episode budget. Called & # 39; See & # 39; the science fiction program has been described by Apple as an epic film, & # 39; world drama & # 39; set in the future, and starring Jason Momoa of & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; Alfre Woodard from & # 39; Clemency & # 39; Sylvia Hoeks from & # 39; Blade Runner 2049 & # 39; and others.

There is no doubt that Apple has the money and the strength to make its next broadcast service a success, but it will be interesting to see if it will be able to change the current state of the industry. To do that, it will have to fight not only against traditional operators, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, but also against other upcoming services, such as Disney + and HBO Max.

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