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Antec, Inc. is the world leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC update and Do-It-Yourself markets. Founded in 1986, Antec is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and has maintained its position as a world leader in the market and international provider of silent, efficient and innovative products. Its product lines include PC Chassis, CPU Cooler, PSU, Fans, etc. Antec is headquartered in Fremont, California, with additional offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as well as in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, and Taiwan. The company's products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

Antec sent us their VP500PC 500W PSU for review . This is an entry-level budget PSU from Antec. It comes with the fulfillment of the ERP Lot 6 certification. It is built with APFC technology that improves the reliability and performance of the product. By being compatible with Erp Lot 6 and CE, you can reduce utility costs by saving energy. Since we do not have adequate test equipment at this time; We will give you a general description of the PSU and the details of the PCB and the circuits used in this PSU. This power supply has double +12 V rails for stable power. It has a 120 mm fan for silent cooling.

  • Article: PV500PC
  • Manufacturer: Antec
  • Price: PKR 5499 / – Availability: ] PakDukaan


Packaging and unpacking

The power supply comes inside a black / yellow cardboard box. On the front, the Antec mark is printed vertically on the yellow background. The Quiet Computing label is printed on the top right. Antec's promise of Full Watts, No Cheats is mentioned in the form of a label stamped on the right side. This is your ATX power supply of 500 W that meets 12V v2.3. It has a 120mm fan. Its maximum efficiency is 82% with A-PFC and continuous power. The model of the power supply is printed on the bottom.

The back of the packaging box has outstanding features of the unit printed in 8 different languages. The name of the Antec brand is printed in a vertical design on the left side. Quiet computing, Erp and Energy Efficient information labels are printed on the top right. The model of the unit is printed on the bottom left.

This side of the packaging box has the same salient features printed in 4 different languages ​​that can be seen on the back of the box. The Antec brand is printed on the top left. VP500PC The 500 watt Strictly Power power supply is printed on the bottom.

This side has the specifications and power table of the PSU printed in tabular format. The company's contact information is printed on the bottom for different regions. VP500PC The 500 watt Strictly Power power supply is printed on the bottom.

The bottom of the packaging box has information labels of various certifications that this unit complies with. In series no label is pasted on the right side. The unit is manufactured in China.

The top / opening cover has the Antec mark printed on top. The image of the unit with the dimensions is printed below the brand name.

Opening the box would reveal the power supply hidden inside the air-filled container for safety during shipment. The information guide is located right at the top of the unit.


We have a user's guide, 4 screws and the standard power cord.

Closer look

The unit is wrapped inside the airbag container for added security during shipment. This is a non-modular PSU, so all cables are pre-installed and leave the PSU as the standard non-modular PSU. The unit follows the Intel form factor of ATX 12V V 2.3. It has a dimension of 150 x 140 x 86 mm. The AC input is 230VAC. The input frequency range is 47 – 63 Hz. The efficiency is 82% at typical load. MTBF is ≥ 100,000 hours. The unit has basic protection characteristics of OVP / OPP / OTP / SCP.

The upper part of the PSU has a standard 120mm fan to cool the PSU circuit. There is a sticker on the fan motor hub with Antec printed on it. There is a warranty voiding label attached to one of the screws that removes the warranty. There is a fan grill on top. The fan is thermally controlled with low voltage fan control for optimized heat and noise management.

This side of the power supply has a flat surface area with no label or marking.

[1945931]] This side of the unit has the energy information label pasted into the main section. The information label without serial number is pasted on the right side. The model of the unit is VP500PC. It is a switched power supply with Active Power PFC. The AC input is 220V with 4A and 47-63Hz. It has double rails of + 12V with 24A on rail 1 and 21A on rail 2, which makes the total output on the rails of + 12V is 408 W.

The rear has a mesh that covers the entire side for a heat dissipation. There is a 3-pin power connector and an on / off button.

The underside of the unit has a solid cover without any ventilation. 5 screws come out of it, which indicates that the PCB is screwed into the base.

The unit has a 24-pin ATX power cable with black sleeve. All other cables are not wrapped or twisted. The information of the connectors is as follows: –

Connector Quantity Cable length (approx.)
MB 20 + 4 pins 1x 500 mm
CPU 12V 4 + 4 Pin 1x 540 mm
PCIe 6 + 2 Pin 2x [On a single cable] 600 mm
SATA 4x [2x on one cable] 930mm
] 19659032] 3x [2x on one cable, 1x on the second cable] 940mm
FDD Cable 4 Pin 1x [On the Molex connectors’ cable]

It's time to take a zoom Look at the PCB and the circuit design. As the computer is composed of multiple sophisticated circuits, it needs one to guarantee the uninterrupted availability of different stable voltages, that is, + 5V, -5V, + 12V, -12V, 3.3V, etc. in the respective terminals of a power supply. In addition to taking stable voltages into account, the current requirements also change with the operating time: they are driven by the load connected in the output stage of the power supply. But the consideration of the parameters not only ends in the requirements of voltage and current, but extends to characteristics such as the harmonic factor, cross-charge regulation, noise resistance and other safety parameters, including OVP surge protection and protection against OCP overcurrents, etc. to ensure optimization and

Antec's V500PC 500W offers a low-cost, entry-level power supply in a decent budget. It is equipped with an active power factor correction circuit, energy supervisor, EMI suppression techniques and complies with IEC standards. The active power factor circuit (APFC) installed in its input rectification stage is used to ensure the prevention of noise overlap in the AC input network. The attached image shows a supply without a box, extracted from its transparent shock-resistant case. The fan was placed separately after disconnecting it from a soldered JST type connector on the main PCB board. The following paragraphs contain the introduction of its main components that, when played in harmony, provide an efficient, stable and continuous power.

A yellow capacitor with X classification can be seen, soldered through the active and neutral AC cables for the filtering of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Shortening of what will cause the fuse to blow, is also nearby. Similarly, capacitors with 02 Y rating are connected through ground and active / neutral wires for the same purpose. Later, the circuit for transient EMI / EMC filtering. It contains 02 common mode inductors, 01 metal oxide varistor (MOV), 01 yellow color, nominal capacitor X and 02 blue capacitors, Y rating.

After the EMI filtering circuit, it is the turn of the active power factor correction circuit (APFC) controlled by the combined controller PWM / PFC IC CM6805. The APFC circuit contains MOSFETS IPA60R125CP, included ferrite coil and IC CM6805. After this, a large capacitor with a 270uF rating is connected for the DC filtration. It is manufactured by CapXon, which is not the top capacitor of the line; however, it has a rating of 400 V and can operate up to 85 C. It can be seen to the left behind the large heat sink that holds MOSFET PFC on its other side.

Then comes the turn for the introduction of all the subsystems that play their respective roles in conjunction with each one. other. The complete design of the power supply from the input stage to the rectification and output filtration stage is shown in the following image.

In addition, towards the secondary side of the main ferrite core transformer, it performs the rectification function together with the filtering for the smoothness of the DC outputs. Since this transformer represents the voltage of multiple stages, so to maintain a stable voltage of any of the output levels in response to the variation in the load, it becomes a defining criterion to qualify the power supply. Here comes the role feedback control, which is guaranteed by returning the scaled output voltage to the PWM IC controller. As stated above, the multiple voltage levels, p. 3.3 V, 5V, 12 V, -12V are sprouting in colored wires labeled PCB to power the respective loads.

The back of the PCB is sufficiently protected with a welding mask. In the same way, the variation in the width of the trace reflects the requirement that the current of different magnitude has been taken into account. Apparently, welding has been done very well with brilliant joints without exception.

As of now, V500PC 500W is enough to satisfy the need of the middle machine, because it provides all the basic components, which are expected from a typical SMPS. The active power factor correction feature is an additional contrast to the fact that the same availability was not used in the supplies in this table.


Since we do not have the right equipment to measure the performance of the PSU, particularly its waveforms to determine the true performance potential, we used Thermaltake Dr. Power II to test the sample unit.

Thermaltake Dr. Power II has the functionality to test the ATX 20 + 4 pin, CPU 4 + 4 Pin, PCIe 6 or 8 pin, SATA and peripheral connectors and report the corresponding voltages by placing a load on the power supply. It also has the ability to report problems with the power supply.

The reported voltages should be compared with the Intel standard and the measurement range of the test equipment. The table below has the Intel Standard, Measuring Range and Voltages reported:

All tested voltages are within the Intel standard. Here are the reported voltages of the connectors:

Connector Tested Voltage (V)
ATX 24-Pin +12.2
CPU 4 + 4 Pin + 12V +12.3 [19659068] ] PCIe 6/8 Pin + 12V +12.1
Peripheral +5.1, +12.3
SATA +5.1, +3.3, +12.3


The Antec VP500PC It is an entry-level budget power source. It is an ecological food source, as it complies with the ERP Lot 6 certification. That and CE would allow this unit to save more energy and put less burden on your utility bill. The unit has a dimension of 150 mm (L) x 140 mm (W) x86 mm (H). This is what Antec says about the power supply: "The Antec VP500PC power supply promises one thing: quality performance at an incredible value. This entry-level solution gives you everything you need in a power source, nothing you do not have. Like a 120mm silent fan for windy cooling, double +12V rails for incredibly stable power or a heavy duty protection circuit for your peace of mind, no matter how demanding your system is. The VP500PC does not have time for scintillating lights or fancy paint jobs. With this power supply, you get only the features you need, including Antec's 2-year quality guarantee. There are no bells. There are no whistles. Without foolishnesses. Obtain power strictly with Antec VP500PC.

The model not of the unit is VP500PC. This is a non-modular PSU, so all cables are pre-installed and leave the PSU as the standard non-modular PSU. The unit follows the Intel form factor of ATX 12V V 2.3. The AC input is 230Vac. The input frequency range is 47 – 63 Hz. The efficiency is 82% at typical load. MTBF is ≥ 100,000 hours. The unit has basic protection characteristics of OVP / OPP / OTP / SCP.

The connectors included in the packaging box are 1x 20 + 4 pin connector on the motherboard, 1x 4 + 4 pin CPU connector, 2x 6 + 2 pin PCIe connectors, 4x SATA connectors, 3x 4-pin peripheral connectors, 1x 4-pin FDD cable that is part of the power cable of the Molex connectors. The PSU has double rails of + 12V with 24A in rail 1 and 21A in rail 2, which makes the total output on the rails of + 12V is 408 W.

The differentiating factor of this PSU is the provision of the correction circuit of the active power factor. This power supply has a price of PKR 5499 / – at the time of the revision. This price and the provision of the Active Power Factor Correction circuit make this power source ideal for basic budget or entry level compilations and for office use. Antec offers 2 years warranty on this unit.

Without timbres, without whistles, without nonsense is the slogan of Antec with its VP500PC and they are fulfilling this aspect, although the lack of Japanese capacitors is a great disadvantage. Against this slogan again, in this price range, one can not complain much. This unit uses capacitors manufactured by CapXon with a nominal voltage of 400 V and can withstand temperatures up to 85 ° C.

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