American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Fighting Guide: How to Win All Battles

If you want to learn how to win every battle of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, you have come to the right place-we will detail the battles and teach you how to win them all!

There are several types of battles in the game, so let's go through all the battles and explain everything you need to know. Check out the game guide first to learn all the tips and tricks for the game and how to get more golden poop in the game!

Okay, but I'm here to learn about the fight so don't waste another time and dive into the American dad! Apocalypse soon fighting guide!

Better rogers

The most important thing in the game is to get Rogers better. The higher Rogers' star rating, the higher its potential, and basically its strength.

There are several classes in Rogers, so Fighting always uses Rogers with the highest potential in Fighting, so it's a Fighter professional Roger.

Another important point is to get Rogers with a good star rating. Check out our guide on how to get 5 star Rogers right here and help you grow better characters.

The first thing to do with Rogers and how to better prepare for the upcoming battle.

Choose Rogers To Fight

I know I mentioned this before, but it is very important to choose Rogers with the correct max attributes to carry out the battle. As you already know, there are a few Rogers classes in the game.

fighter plane (What you want here)

– Cooking

– Banker

– Carpenter

– charger

– Radiation Chemist

You can tap the desired Roger to see the class, and you can see the statistics and properties on the left side of the interface. Choose Roger with a higher number of Fighter properties than other properties (since Rogers can have 4 properties).

Check out those numbers as well as that Rogers will be the best person to fight for you.

Train Rogers to become a better fighter

For the Fighter class Rogers, you can send it to the Fighter Training Room to further improve it. Well, you can send almost everything to Roger, but I don't see it as productive because it takes a long time for Roger with a low fighter attribute from the start.

After picking a fighter, train him to the fullest potential. If you send the best fighters, this will take time because you may not be able to fight in other cases until their training is complete, so be very careful!

When you tap Information Press the button in the Fighter Training Room and you will see a number to train the Fighter. So if you want better stats for a fighter, you should also upgrade this room.

Equip your fighters with the best gear

If you complete various tasks in the game or simply buy a lot of agent boxes or secret boxes, you will get a lot of equipment. You should always have the best gear you can because you can increase your overall team power.

You can check which gear you have by tapping the box on the left side of the screen. Then you need to choose the fighter Rogers at Roger & # 39; s Place or send a fighter if you don't have a fighter. Equipped with the best equipment.

Some of them get melee stuff (mostly tank stuff), while others get ranged gear.

Don't forget to upgrade your Roger Place. As you upgrade, you can place more fighters on the battlefield at once:

– Step 3 Roger & # 39; s Place Place in Step 3

– Placed at Level 4 Roger & # 39; s Place by Level 4 Roger

– 5th Roger at 5th Roger & # 39; s Place

– Step 6 Roger & # 39; s Place at Level 6

The more fighters you have, the more powerful your team is, so it's important not to forget to do all these upgrades.

Learn how to win every battle in the game.

"Battle" at home

These are not typical battles, but they are similar to game events where you need to pay attention to the surroundings and see if there is some sort of enemy spawn that needs to go down in your house.

There may be encounters such as ghosts, fire spirits, etc., and whenever you find one of them, you must tap the icon that appears next to it and take it out immediately! As I said, it's a fight but not really. – Similar to in-game events. The closest Roger to spawn for this encounter goes and takes care of it.

Map battle

This battle is your main battle and the main story progression of the game. You can defeat enemies in multiple levels and you need an appropriate team.

In this battle you can see the power of the team on the left and the power of the enemy on the right. Always choose to fight against enemies that are less than you or less than or equal to you but never higher.

It will often be a defeat to defeat, so you can lose resources, so avoid it.

I suggest you fight and develop as much as possible in that battle. And then when you can no longer develop, you can stop and start the task of upgrading the room and making Rogers stronger (training and equipping better equipment).

Kill your opponent on the map

The battle performed here is a battle with opponents who want to set up bases in various locations available through the map. They also have a certain strength, so challenge only when your strength is higher than them.

American dad! Apocalypse soon

If you win a battle like this, you'll get a 24/25 trophy, and if you lose, you'll lose -4 trophy.

I recommend fighting only with positive opponents you can win.

Fight in the tournament

Tournaments can be found at Map-> Morning Mimosa, where you can fight various other players to rank and earn bottled Mimosas. There are other rewards as well, which can be found in the Map-> Morning Mimosa-> Market tab.

You will have to fight very powerful players, so you are strongly advised to only try battles when at least five Rogers are on your team and they are all equipped to fight.

This will end our American dad! Apocalypse fighting guide soon! Do you know more cool and useful tips for fighting? Leave it in the comments section below!