Amazon Working on Echo Speaker with High Quality Audio

Until now, Amazon's Echo speaker line is full of options for almost every use case you can imagine. However, if there is a group of people who are not served intelligent speakers with technology of the company in Alexa, it is audiophiles and people who want high quality audio and high-end speakers for your home. For that, people have so far turned to offers from companies like Sonos.

However, a new Bloomberg report states that Amazon is also working on a high-end Echo speaker and, according to people familiar with the product, the e-commerce giant plans to launch the new Echo speaker next year.

Speaking to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity, sources have told Bloomberg that the new speaker is wider than the current generation's Eco to incorporate additional components needed to achieve better audio quality; These components include at least 4 tweeters.

In addition to the new Echo speaker, the sources also said that the company is also working on an Echo Home Robot, which will come with wheels and can also be controlled with Alexa voice commands.

The report states that both products are being developed by Amazon Lab126, the research and development arm of the California-based company, and will likely be launched next year.

So far, Amazon speakers at Echo have been widely accepted by consumers, with an EMarketer report stating that they will gain a 63% market share by the end of this year, and that the speakers Google's smartphones will come in a distant second place with a 31% market share. share.

Clearly, Amazon is doing a great job with its intelligent speakers, and with the launch of a new high-end Echo, the company could attract audiophiles and consumers who are also looking for luxury products.

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